Friday, January 30, 2009

JAN - UFO Report

Well the first month of 2009 has (almost) come to a close and here is my ‘UFO Report’:

Number of Projects at Start: 24
Number of Project Completed*: 4
Number of Projects Added: 5
Number of Projects Unfinished: 25

* Completed here means finished, re-purposed or gifted.

Unfinished Projects started in 2008 (or earlier):

For an explanation of UFOM Read My Tale of Tragedies and Miracles!

    1. UFOM #1 - My First Quilt Completed

  1. UFOM #2 - Yes, it's a Quillow! For more pictures CLICK HERE

  2. UFOM #3 - Flannel Crazy Quilt To see pictures of this Crazy Project: CLICK HERE

  3. UFOM #4 - Almost Almost Done Christmas Wallhanging We've decided that this one will be done by next Christmas, so progress will be slow, but steady! For Pictures CLICK HERE

  4. 5. UFOM #5 - Woodsy Center - This became a quilt back.

  5. UFOM #6 - The Really Big Kaleidoscope Quilt - I found another ruler! This project is back on track, for pictures of my Really Big Kaleidoscope Quilt CLICK HERE

  6. 7. Tree of Life -. CLICK HERE ! Completed

  7. Road to California -I've purchased additional fabrics for the sashing and this one is high on my list to complete. CLICK HERE for pictures

  8. Botanical Shop Hop Quilt - CLICK HERE for pictures. Progress: It's on my design wall, but I'm not really sure if I like it anymore. Got some REALLY good feedback!

  9. Old Tobacco Road - This is a Bonnie Hunt Mystery Quilt. I love Bonnie's patterns and books. If you aren't familiar with her work check out Right now I'm still making the pinwheels. I need 100 pinwheels made out of 1.5 inch half-square triangles. That's 400 1.5 inch half square triangles, that is a lot of work left to do. This UFO is my Sew-Between. (That is the quilt I work on in between my other items. I make a HST or a pinwheel as a Leader or an Ender for every chain on my current project) CLICK HERE for more pictures

  10. '07-'08 Thangles BOM - blocks are done, top is unfinished.

  11. Marisa Pinwheels - I'm about half through the piecing. This is a pattern from Roxanne Carter I have a few of her patterns that I am meaning to make!

  12. Cinder's Best Day - My daughter and I are going to finish this quilt together, it's a tribute to her cat who passed away.

  13. Garden Path Mosaic Pictorial - I don't know if I should include this in my list of UFOs. I wasn't even going to keep this. About 10 years ago I decided to make a mosaic picture because.... well, just to do it. I did this garden path. It was ok, but I wasn't enamored with the mosaic style. So I was going to toss it. My my middle child, a baby then, grabbed on and wouldn't let go. So it became hers. It was never finished and I noticed that the edges were VERY worn. I told my daughter ~ almost 10 now, that I would finish it off for her if she wanted to keep it, otherwise it would fall apart.

  14. 15. Lost Blues - Re-purposed

    Subset: SWAPS and BOMs:

  15. '08-'09 Thangles BOM - This is actually two quilts I am doing this in two colorways: Brights and Yellow, White and Blue. I am doing both simultaneously!

  16. Friendship Star -

  17. Disappearing 9-Patch -

  18. Lap Quilt Swap IV

  19. Subset: NOT YET STARTED (NYSs):

  20. Postage Stamp Quilt - I think I don't have enough of the colors I want and too much of colors I am eliminating. I only want purples/blues/greens/reds and the lightest of lights and the darkest of darks. I don't need pinks, oranges, yellows etc. Bummer! Lots more work to go. Anyone want to swap 1.5 inch squares?

  21. Midnight Garden - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern by Roxanne Carter, and I have the Perfect fabrics that I searched High and Low for! I mean I called every Quilt Shop this side of the Mississippi! I can't wait to start this project!

  22. A Girls Work is Never Done - This is going to be a baby quilt. It should be cute. I have one fabric missing.

  23. Bold Over Batiks - Love the batiks!

  24. Cam's Snake Quilt -

  25. Projects Started in 2009

  26. Calendar Quilt 2009 - Come Quilt-a-Long with us!

  27. Dad's Scotland Quilt - This quilt is by special request, and perhaps a bit harassment.
  28. Christmas Runner - With Moda's Merry and Bright fabric.
  29. C's Twin size Christmas Quilt - With Moda's Happy Howlidays
  30. Animal Totems Auction Quilt - This one has a hard fast Deadline!!

I also have 3 aprons, 2 Halloween bags, and a pillowcase that needs finishing, but they don't count as my Quilty UFOs!


audreypawdrey said...

You have had a great start to finishing all of your projects and I love the list. I need to do that, too. Good luck on all of your finishes! You can do it!;)

YankeeQuilter said...

Wow that is some list! I have a plastic baggy of 1-1/2 inch squares that I will never use (part of the Bonnie manage your stash project/process) you are welcome to them!

StitchinByTheLake said...

You may be the only person I know who has more UFOs than me.....I love you! blessings, marlene

Robyn said...

Hi Dionne...yep a few UFOs there, just like me :D
What a good plan! Keep up the good work.
Mmmm...I've all but finally decided that I'm NOT going to finish OTR.
I dunno...In the end the size is not what I want and I cannot imagine doing more of these little fellows.
Wondering if I should put my energies into stuff I do want to do.
What do you think?
How are you going with your pinwheels?
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on the DUQ mag link... Enjoy!
Nice to see your face.
Happy Sewing,
Robyn xx

Tricia said...

Wow Dionne,
congrats on the finishes..may I giggle about the new projects....I was determined not to start anything new until I dwindled down my list that is mega long...I haven't start anything new, but I have made for trips to the fabric store this month, and brought home bags of fabric...what is wrong with me??? LOL! I hope to soon post a finish...

wonderwoman said...

i love the fact that you've ended up with one more UFo than when you started!!! a girl after my own heart!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts!!! BTW, in case you didn't get to check - you WON my 500 comments giveaway!!!!Send me you address!!! Congrats!!!!