Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Quilty New Year's Resolutions!~

Yes, as you've probably already heard, I LOVE New Year's Resolutions! So here are mine:

  1. Unfinished Projects- I want to keep track of my UFOs and diminish them GREATLY. I mean really, you saw the number of UFOs! Considering that not too long ago I lost ALL my unfinished projects, it’s really quite ridiculous to have this many!

    To do this, I will put 6ish UFOs on my active list. Once a month I will report on my progress. The rest of my unfinished projects will go on a 'Backlog.' Furthermore, I will not add any more projects, until I've completed an item already on my list.

    I could get tough here and say I have to complete 2 items, thus reducing my list. Because as it stands now, I could potentially never decrease my list. But at least I'm keeping on top of it right? And besides, rules are no fun if they are TOO harsh (don't tell my kids I said that!)

  2. Skills - Okay, I'm the queen of only doing the fun stuff! But I really want to increase my skills. Also, there is so much GREAT talent out there in the Quilting Community that I have not even tapped into yet! So, I'm going to actively increase my quilting skills. To do this, I will try one new thing a month. It doesn't have to be a block, or a big project or anything. Also, it can be something I'm lousy at already and want to get better at (binding comes to mind ~ ouch!)

  3. Books - Okay, this really is a little bit a part of resolution #2, but there really are some Wonderful quilters out there and I want to get to know what they are publishing! So I am going to actively review more quilting books. Not just read them, but I am going to try something new in each and every book. I'll post all the results of course! So help me out here, if you know any great books, or have published one yourself. Let me know! I'm looking for all the great talent out there that I can learn from!!

  4. Quilting Community - Right, right I know, this is really more of the same. But actually, you don't have to be published or sell your patterns to be interesting. I really want to get to know everyone in the quilting community. We're a great bunch of people (If I don't say so myself!) SO, I am going to be looking to the rest of the folks out there as well. Got a great blog, know a great blog, know a fabulous and interesting quilter? Let me know. I want to blog about them. Let's get to know each other! (PS - I would love to find Jane Moxey! Anyone know her?? If you do, send her my way. I'm a big fan!)

  5. VLOG! Ok, this last one might be a stretch. But my kids love this show called iCarly. It's about a girl and her friends that do silly things, video tape it and put it up on her blog. This is a nice show (not like some of the not so clever things people video tape themselves doing). But I thought it might be fun to put a little motion and voice behind my little blog. I haven't figured this out yet (and nobody might be interested) but a girl can dream, right?

Ok, so you might have noticed that all the altruistic things (Be a better person, recycle more, eat less, etc) are missing from this list. Yes, I do want to do all those things as well. But I figure everyone has those and this isn't really a forum for that. So, rest assured, I will recycle more this year AND eat less. I just won't bore you with those yawn, yawn details!


Quilt Pixie said...

may you find a balance that works for you, and enjoy the coming year! :-)

Tricia said...

You have inspired me! Thanks...I am going to make a list also. I really need to find some balance in my life, between kids, grandkids, teaching, business and my quilting.... Thanks for the ideas and just a thought, if you eat less....can you really recycle more???? LOL!
Happy New Year!
Quilt hugs

Where are you located??? I know a great shop in Garden Valley Idaho, she is always doing something fun and interesting....

Dr. Quiltmom said...

Take your time and get what done you want to get done. My kids also love Icarly. I am really looking foward to your example. Maybe I will too.

Barb said...

I just dropped in to thank you for entering my giveaway. also when you go to the Big Island..if you go to the older side (Hilo) while going to the volcano there is this out of the way fabric store...and then when you are coming from there and you get close to all the stores....there is a huge discount store mixed in there....keep your eyes open for it.

Have a fun trip and a wonderful New Year

belinda said...

Well..looks you are off to a good start with a fresh new look for your blog. Everywhere I go bloggers are starting out the new year with a change of scenery for all their blogger buddies...I LOVE IT......sounds like a pretty good list you have there too....I agree with all that you wrote!!

Jane Moxey said...

Hi Dionne: I don't have a blog, but heard from a friend that you would like to hear from me! Did you ever go to Melody Johnson's blog? She posted a quilt of mine a couple of days ago which was thrilling.

Good luck with your resolutions... I just want more time to quilt!
Jane Moxey

Momma said...

Bring us along as you expand into the quilting community. I feel so lost sometimes! I just started trying to quilt and pretty much have self-taught. I'd love to go from 'novice' to 'not too shabby' this year. LOL