Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Greenpiece

So I had no time to actually complete this months BOM. With all the travel, for work and for pleasure, I didn't have a chance to finish. So this month I'm sharing with you the examples.
This Moda sampler uses more than 54 different fabrics. Thank goodness I don't have to purchase them all myself. Just one minimum purchase price at the beginning of the year and all the fabrics are provided. I like it, feels like I'm getting the blocks for free every month!

So we also have a chance to share our work. I didn't have anything to bring this time, but the following is a quilt is made from bandanas. The bandana centers are red and the border corners of the bandana make up the border triangles. She added the blue and white squares to set off the borders, then added the double border as an afterthought because it just didn't look finished without them.

Isn't this a pretty little garden. This quilter took flowers from her guild swap, attached them to several different yellow blocks. She cut the blocks from corner to corner twice then sewed the blocks back together in a random order creating quite a nice scrappy look. The leaves were appliqued on last.