Monday, June 29, 2009

The Queen of Quilting

Yes, it's true! I have officially been named the Queen of Quilting by none other than Pat Sloan herself! I was even bequeathed a CROWN!

My crown also came with a wonderful box of goodies! FOUR cuts of fabric (I think I was only supposed to get one ~ how awesome is that!) PLUS an autographed book by Pat Sloan, my crown (of course) AND a wonderfully summery and festive hawaiian centerpiece, which we are keeping on the table in our kitchen so we can see it when we have our family meals!

You may remember, I was participating in one of Pat's Quilty Games (hosted at Death By Quilting: The Cabana Boy Challenge.

And I was planning on posting an elaborate death scene, where I was killed by a lethal but beautiful 'quilty' weapon.

However, wonder of wonders, I actually WON!! (so you will all be spared my very amateur and dramatic video efforts)

First I completed my first "weapon" and mailed it on to an "Agent" in Alaska. We had a pattern and a kit, to which we added both fabric and creativity. In this first weapon, I adhered strictly to the pattern guidelines and used both the supplied fabrics as much as possible.

I used the 'Cabana' panel as my label. I thought the label turned out really cute. It's a great and summery panel and very fitting for the challenge.

Then I finished a second "weapon", that was mailed to me in-progress. This is also a very fun and summery "interpretation"

The pattern is followed closely, but the fabrics were used minimally. I love how the original 'Agent' used the Cabana panel on the front of the quilt. I mailed this finished 'weapon' on to my second "kill" in Florida.

And finally, after a glorious win, and the obligatory victory dance in which my entire family chanted "Queen of Quilting" to me, I received my final "weapon" this one also is in-progress and I show it to you here in the state I received it. ALMOST completed, basting still in place. I can't wait to finish this one as well, as this one I get to keep. The original 'Agent' on this 'weapon' had a really fun interpretation of the pattern and also used the cabana panel on the front of the quilt. I love that. She also used the beautiful blue fabric supplied in the kit, very liberally.

This was such a fun challenge, I hope I'll be able to play along in the next round.

Also, I wanted to make a full-size version of the 'Cabana' pattern as a beach blanket, or a summery picnic blanket and what did Pat Sloan do? In between the taping of a segment of 'Quilt Out Loud' she found the fabrics, and made them available to me on her website!




Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Few of the Pre-School Quilts

I've only finished a few of the quilts for the pre-school class.

It was a lot of fun working in the classroom. I started out during circle time, and showed several small examples of different types of quilts ~ they were all lap sized quilts that belong to my son.

Then I sat in the corner and became one of the "centers." Two to three kids at a time, they picked out their strips, and two corner squares per block.

They watched me sew their squares together. I wanted each one to see the top of one of their squares get finished.

Despite the fact that it's taking a little longer than I expected, this is a REALLY fun project for me. I really enjoy working with kids and doing these types of projects.

I know I came across rather 'whiny' in my last post and I didn't mean to. I think I was just a little stressed, I didn't have enough fabric and was running out of money. I don't have a huge stash, and I really wanted as many of the fabrics to be 'kid friendly' as possible.

These are small little quilts, about 14 inches by 28 inches. I told the kids they would be making 'Car Quilts'. Just the perfect size to cover a child's lap on a chilly winter day.

On one square I had the child write their name and draw a picture with fabric pens. On the other square I had the children choose shapes for me to applique on the fabric of their choice.

Oh yeah, also, I've got my first commissioned project. I've been commissioned to make a lady in Seattle a Queen sized quilt. I'll take some pictures of the fabrics I'm using for that soon. I promised her she would be able to follow along with the construction of the quilt on my blog.



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Crazy Pre-School Project!

So I got a little carried away recently and volunteered/agreed to make little lap sized car quilts for all the kids in my son's pre-school class.

They have a split class room, two teachers and with the two-day a week kids, all told it's 27 kids.

And, get this... only ONE parent offered to donate some fabrics. I was expected to come up with the rest! If the children hadn't gotten so jazzed about it I would have backed out. But the kids are really excited and so I bought as much fabric as I could afford and the project went from:

  • four 12" squares (24" by 24") to
  • three 12" squares (12" by 36") to
  • two squares (12" by 24")
Well, that's not too bad. Afterall it's supposed to be sized to fit on their laps, in the back seat of a chilly car.

So right now it's all just cut fabric!

I'm going to do one of the two blocks by having the kids pick out a background square and then arrange shapes on it which I will applique down. Then I'll add a frame made with strips they've all chosen.

I have one example, artfully arranged by my son, partially completed.



Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello? Are you still there?

Well, yes. As a matter of fact I am. But I've been keeping a pretty low profile I guess.

It seems if you get out of the habit... well, you just aren't in the habit. And I had some family issues (a while ago) and just plain got out of the habit of posting.

So here is the video of me assembling my 'Weapon' for the DBQ (Death by Quilting) game.

It's been a lot of fun and amazingly enough... I'm still alive!

But for how long, nobody knows!

And in other news, I'm still sewing like a mad woman and I'll post pictures soon.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Death by Quilting: Cabana Boy Challenge, Part I

You may have noticed that I have been absent for a few days. And I have a very good reason for that.

Pat Sloan is hosting her 2nd Death by Quilting Extreme Game: The Cabana Boy Challenge.

Needless to say, between that and the normal family activities, I have been completely consumed.

Below you will find my second webcast and my first installment of the Cabana Boy Challenge!

My children were very involved in this one. Credits are as follows:

Agent DG: Dionne Gordon
Boss Agent: Cricket
The Exterminator: Cameron
Camera Girl: Kayleigh
Music: Spy Theme by Podcast Troubadour
Fire Master: Dad