Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pull out Your Scraps for a Quilt-a-Long!

Have you seen Nann's Scraptacular tutorial she did on her blog Freda's Hive?

I really enjoy this blog! And I love the quilt Nann did in her tutorial.  It's a fabulous way to use up all those extra 2 1/2" and 4 1/2" squares and extra scraps.

Nann's Scraptacular Quilt:

Isn't it beautiful!  I love that border fabric as well.  So, lets have a Quilt-a-Long!  Five minutes is all it takes to make three blocks!

First, head over to Freda's Hive for Nann's Scraptacular Tutorial!

Second, pull out all those extra 4 1/2" and 2 1/2" scrap squares.  If you don't have a nice amount already cut, just pop a good movie on the telly and have a nice cutting session with your scraps.

Third, sign your blog up on the Linky doo-hicky thing-a-ma-jig below so everyone can find you.  If enough people sign up, I'll put everyone's links up on my sidebar.

For a twin-size quilt (68" x 88") you need 156 squares, and two simple borders, just like Nann's.  That's just 3 blocks a day for two months.

Too big a commitment?  3 blocks a day for one month will be a nice throw or baby blanket!

3 Blocks a day, that's all I ask.  So COME ON, let's use up that stash!  Stop buying, start using!

I will post my progress regularly!




Anonymous said...

Ok, ok, if I can clear my calendar I'll play along. I'll check my scraps as well!

SubeeSews said...

Great link. I am onboard.
I love scraps!

Anonymous said...

Can I sign up if I don't have a blog?

Dionne said...

Hi Judy,
If you want to participate, just sign up with "No Blog" after your name and use Google or my own blog as your website link.
If you want to share any pics, email them to me and I'll post them on my blog.

Linda said...

OK- leaders and enders should be not problem to get only three blocks done a week! &:-D What would life be without my scrap box of 2" squares!

Linda said...

Zowee- I found two baggies with wine fabric scraps! I need to cut them all up today into 2.5 & 4.5. This block works great for leader & ender. Oh what fun!

patri@nbnet.nb.ca said...

All right, Dionne and Linda, I'm in! I shall start cutting squares out of my kid fabric bins... so many leftovers. It will make a nice giveaway quilt...