Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Latest Reveal...

Goodness me, could it really be TWO MONTHS! Well, all I can say is that I've been busy....

Honest I have, but then you knew that didn't you, because you've been busy too.  But that's not really why you're here is it, to listen to me drone on about all the mundane stuff I've been doing.  Well, lets get on with it, the Quiltmaker Reveal!

Here is a bit about the quilt:
The project for July/August was Spinout, designed by Barbara Cline. This is the original version featured in Quiltmaker. It was made in Art Gallery Fabrics.

Dionne may have been the most inventive of all! This girl knows how to cope! Here’s what she shared:

When I originally made the top I didn’t put as much thought into selecting the flower fabrics for the pinwheels, which I was thinking would look like flowers against a grassy green background.

But when I was completely finished I realized that some fabrics didn’t stand out well enough against the others.

To read more about this project, and see more pictures head over to Quiltmakers's Quilty Pleasures Blog