Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ricky Tims Super Seminar -- The Quilts!

I should have taken MANY more pictures, but I was really overwhelmed with how awesome everything was.

Alex Anderson had several beautiful quilts, but this one I really loved. She hand quilted the entire thing. It wasn't too big, but really a beautiful scrap quilt.

Ricky Tims brought his quilt called 'Simple Gifts' ~ this is the one that came in 101st out of the 100 Best Quilts list. It's really spectacular! He talked at length about the methods he used on this quilt and in the bound handout, he gave us some very detailed techniques.

Ricky also had his quilt called 'Bohemian Rhapsody' This quilt is really amazing, we spent a great deal of time learning about Rhapsody quilts.

Ricky even had his notes on the Rhapsody quilt that is hanging in the Museum in Paducah Kentucky.

Libby Lehman's quilts had the most spectacular threadwork. She was so funny, and it was amazing to me how much she knew about all the different sewing machines out there.

And finally, my son was so excited about Ricky Tims that he drew his own version of a Cave man quilt (Ricky Tims invented the technique Cave Man quilting). He made me promise I would bring it in and give it to Ricky Tims.

Ricky was so great about it! He even kept it with him all weekend and on the third day, when I was working on stage I turned around and found that he still had it with him.

This was a GREAT seminar and I highly recommend it to anyone who considers it. Don't hesitate, drive as far as you have to, just GO!



Friday, August 28, 2009

Ricky Tims Super Seminar -- WOW!

I recently volunteered at a Ricky Tims Super Seminar. At first I was a bit skeptical about going to this event, it's not cheap. It lasts two and a half days ~ or three very long days if you volunteer.

My skepticism started when I was told that there would be no sewing. This was going to be an affair
that was entirely spent sitting down, listening to or watching Ricky Tims, Libby Lehman, or Alex Anderson speak and sew. I am a pragmatist. If I'm going to spend that much money and time to attend an event, I really wanted something to show for my time, as in some sort of ... well, something that I created as a result. Evidently, I wasn't giving the added knowledge any kind of merit.

As a
volunteer, you are compensated with a certificate to spend at the Ricky Tims store and the opportunity to see all the work and effort that goes on behind the scenes to put on a seminar of this caliber. Any discount on the entrance fee is only the same one offered to all participants, if you sign up as a group you get a modest discount.

In order to make my decision, I polled everyone I could find that went to one of these seminars and they all said the same thing - GO!

So, I went. I also volunteered. I'm SO glad I did. The amount I learned from these three amazingly talented artists was beyond measure. Also, I found out so much about their personalities as well. They really are funny. Even Alex Anderson, had a constant smile and an easy laugh.
Libby Lehman and Ricky Tims both rolled their sleeves up and worked just as hard as all the rest of us at pulling things off the truck and getting them set up. And then again at the end of the show, in tearing down the set and putting everything away. Libby Lehman had her ankle wrapped from a recently recovered broken ankle, yet she was there first thing in the morning and nearly the last to leave. She is also an absolute riot! She is just so very funny!

Sadly, the seminar won't be coming again to our area for a very long time. But if I ever get the chance to take another class with Libby or Ricky I will RUN to be the first in line.

I did learn a lot from Alex Anderson, and she was very gracious and kind. But I'm not a hand quilter.

I'll post more about the conference, and some pictures of some AMAZING quilts.



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's a Great Mail Day ~ Cupcakes!

A while ago, I participated in a Mini-Cupcake Quilt swap.

Today in the mail, I got my BEAUTIFUL quilt.

Look at how gorgeous it is! There is handquilting and hand beadwork, and the colors are wonderful.

Not only that, she wrapped it in a wonderful piece of flannel. AND she included two lovely MODA charm packs.

AND a really fun cupcake quilt pattern.


Monday, August 24, 2009

The latest Around the World Quilt

This is how the latest Around the World Quilt is looking. I really like how this is turning out.

I really love all the framed pictures and how, when they come together they make a kind of picture.



Monday, August 17, 2009

UGG, It's a Great Giveaway!

Giveaway The First

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest from toasty California, I was in culture shock. The rain wasn't even remotely as bad as I was lead to believe, cloudy ~ yes, but the rain is most often a drizzle. No biggie, the torrential downpours in Sacramento and even in Arizona where when it rains, it floods.

It's the colder climate that has been difficult for me to acclimate to. I wouldn't have survived the first few winters without my UGG minis. I know these boots have become a sort of fashion icon (or don't depending) but I use my UGGs as slippers, and I LOVE them!

My purple minis come just over my ankles and they are snuggly warm! Here is the link to the giveaway! I hope I win a new pair of Uggs!

Giveaways, Two More

Rachel Griffith has a special relationship with the Quilt Shoppe and is hosting another terrific giveaway HERE.

Also Heather, at A La Mode Fabric is having a giveaway HERE.



Thursday, August 13, 2009

Latest Friendship Star Swap Trickles in...

The last Friendship Star swap has been trickling in...

I've always loved stars and star
blocks. When I first started doing them it was really intimidating, all the triangles.

I think the worst part was getting the sizes right. If I concentrated on getting the sizes right then I couldn't seem to get good points.

That was years ago, and I hadn't given a Half-square triangle a second thought in eons. But in swaps, when I'm hosting at least, I've learned to separate out confident beginners from those that have more experience with triangles and stars.

Of course, now I'm working on perfecting my curves and my applique. Both seem to allude me a bit still and personally, I dont yet count my self an expert in those areas.

But I know, after all my experience with triangles and those pesky points, that practice helps. And it helps A LOT!

Alas, I'm a chronic over-committer as my husband likes to point out when I whine a bit too much about my busy schedule.

So.... I'll be around.....

but my blogging might be a bit sparse in the coming weeks....

But, I'll be around...



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Robots Run Amok!

I have this philosophy that you should never make a promise to a child. Children don't understand or care about extenuating circumstances. So making a promise to a child is like telling them that it will never rain and things will never go wrong in life. This philosophy serves me well when, on occaision, fun plans must be changed.

But sometimes I forget! And I did promise my son his own quilt when he got his big-boy bed. I made this promise a very long time ago, and he never forgot!

The hunt for the perfect Robot quilt has emerged successful! I found this fabulous fabric called Nuts and Robolts that has a lovely panel that can be cut down into 8" squares as well as some fabulous supporting fabrics.

I found the perfect and simple pattern in Fons & Porter and Voila. My easy framed blocks will be placed with easy Nine Patch blocks!

On a final note, I was really excited to see my 'HOWL' in Tonya's quilt top 'Slither-Eek-Boo' ~ Pieced letters are so difficult for me and I loved how my HOWL came out. And it looks fabulous along side all the other Halloween noises!

There are some wonderfully talented ladies that contributed to this quilt top and I am so happy to be included among them! Not only that ~ I have learned so much from Tonya as well!



Pieces of April

Did you know there was a song by Three Dog Night called Pieces of April?

I didn't. Actually, I'm ashamed to say, I'm sure I know songs by Three Dog Night, but I can't name one off the top of my head. They have some really famous ones too, I'm sure.

Well, I took a break from sewing, [and cooking and cleaning and working and all the other commitments that go along with a busy family] to check out my friends on the internet and I ran across this GREAT blog.

It has nothing to do with Quilting, and nothing to do with sewing either. So this is a bit out of character for me, because I generally reserve this blog for mostly quilty-thoughts.

But here it is: Pieces of April Check it out!

On other news, my July swaps finally finished. And I was so happy with the results. My little swap club, which we hosted through a private blog has grown bigger over the last year and we finally did a website for it. But now that we opened it up to the public, I've decided not to spread myself so thin with so many different swap groups.

Between that and all my Quilting commitments (and the family and working full-time) it's a good thing!

On that note, the September swaps have opened for sign-ups. We only do three swaps a month currently (beginner, intermediate, and expert) and so far every month has filled up since we started almost a year ago. Check the Swap Club schedule out if you are interested:

I've decided that today is a beautiful day to tackle applique!