Sunday, February 28, 2010

Summer Sadie

Summer Sadie is the one who organized the Around the World quilt project.
Looking at Sadie's quilt top was a lot of fun. The second block was made by her mom and it's really sweet because it is signed 'Mom' Isn't that sweet? I love the idea of a quilt top that has gone all the way around the world is signed also by mom.
My block is the last one. This is a simple block, but I still, really like the lines and colors.



Monday, February 8, 2010

Around the World Quilt Swap for Katel

Here is the quilt (so far) for KatelNorth:

These are all such beautiful blocks. There are some beautiful star blocks, all the blocks have beautiful fabrics. One of my daughters LOVES the Frog block with the loooong tongue.

My block is the last square, the blue star:



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kendall's Around the World

Yes, I know. It's been nothing but around the world lately. But I've a flurry in my mailbox, and although I'm still working on the Spice Market Batik, I'm not going to show you anymore until I get to the next big step.

So this quilt is for Kendall. Let me give you a rundown of where the blocks are from:

Row 1 - Virginia, US (Kendall's starter block), Memphis, Tenn US (x2), Surry then Cornwall UK

Row 2 - Wiltshire, UK; Leeds, UK; Waterfield, UK; Holland; Australia

Row 3 - Brasil; Cape Coral, FL, US; Austin TX, US; Reseda, Ca; Palmdale, CA

Row 4 - Oakland, CA; Lake Bay, WA and finally to me in Bellevue WA

And a closeup of my own block. Not sure why my block looks wonky, it's really not.