Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kendall's Around the World

Yes, I know. It's been nothing but around the world lately. But I've a flurry in my mailbox, and although I'm still working on the Spice Market Batik, I'm not going to show you anymore until I get to the next big step.

So this quilt is for Kendall. Let me give you a rundown of where the blocks are from:

Row 1 - Virginia, US (Kendall's starter block), Memphis, Tenn US (x2), Surry then Cornwall UK

Row 2 - Wiltshire, UK; Leeds, UK; Waterfield, UK; Holland; Australia

Row 3 - Brasil; Cape Coral, FL, US; Austin TX, US; Reseda, Ca; Palmdale, CA

Row 4 - Oakland, CA; Lake Bay, WA and finally to me in Bellevue WA

And a closeup of my own block. Not sure why my block looks wonky, it's really not.



Anonymous said...

I love those fabrics that you chose for this block. And that basket weave it really neat. Great job!

Jackie said...