Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Medley of Pinks, Greens and a splash of blue!

Here are the blocks I have received so far from my Lap Quilt swappie partners:

These blocks are from Laural and Rita

These blocks are from KRB and Poerava

And these two beauties are from WhoopDeDoo5

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finn's New Year's Eve Challenge

I'm done! Yahoo!

I said I would do five and five I did! It didn't look like I would make it, but in the final stretch I pulled it off!

As part of Finn's challenge, I decided how many quilts I would finish by the end of the year. I decided I would do five quilts:

  1. Cricket's Christmas Quilt
  2. Cameron's Christmas Quilt
  3. Ina's Christmas Quilt
  4. Kayleigh's Christmas Quilt
  5. My Very First Quilt (UFOM#1!)

Thank you Finn for inspiring and challenging me to make the last big push and get these final few projects FINISHED!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

UFO Sighting!

Well, I did it, I went through my entire cupboard and counted up all my UFOs, including photographic evidence!

Here is what I've un-earthed:

  1. UFOM #1 - My First Quilt. This comes from a sub-set of UFOs called UFO Miracles, see earlier in my blog for details on this tragic tale. Status: Halfway done with the binding.
    Photograph: Well, I've blogged about this one enough before, if you want to see a picture, CLICK HERE I put a few pics on my first post.

  2. UFOM #2 - Yes, it's a Quillow! and done in the country style that was so popular when I started this project. Which is not to be confused with today's country style. As if I have my finger on the pulse of the Home Decor world -- NOT! Anyhow, still not done! For more pictures CLICK HERE I posted about it shortly after it was "re-discovered"

  3. UFOM #3 - Flannel Crazy Quilt. Not even touched since it was "Re-discovered" To see pictures of this Crazy Project: CLICK HERE

  4. UFOM #4 - Almost Almost Done Christmas Wallhanging - Well, this one my children have helped me decide what to do with the blank panel, we're going to put in Christmas Stockings, and they will help finish the decorations on the little trees. We've decided that this one will be done by next Christmas, so progress will be slow, but steady! For Pictures CLICK HERE

  5. UFOM #5 - Woodsy Center - Okay, I don't know what I was thinking when I started this! And I was such a new quilter back then (16 yrs ago?) that my inexperience really shows. All I can say is, maybe it will go on a quilt back~! If you dare see pictures CLICK HERE

  6. UFOM #6 - The Really Big Kaleidoscope Quilt - Well, this one I've lost a critical piece of equipment: the ruler I was using! I'm pretty sad too because I was really hoping to finish this one up. I remember throwing out the ruler in a moment of disgust, because at that time, I thought I had lost my complete quilting stash - fabrics, UFOs, tools, everything! Well, I did lose most of it, except for 6 little miracles! For the complete Tragic tale CLICK HERE and for pictures of my Really Big Kaleidoscope Quilt CLICK HERE and if you happen to know where I can find this tool:

    And earn my undying gratitude, please contact me immediately!

  7. Tree of Life - This is just the center block. But I don't know how to finish this. I don't have any fabrics to match, so I need to bring this piece to the store to find some fabrics. CLICK HERE for a picture.

  8. Road to California - This wonderful project is actually a win from the Stichin' Post Lottery challenge. I love the blocks and I've only to assemble them into a beautiful Queen or King size quilt on-point. I've purchased additional fabrics for the sashing and this one is high on my list to complete. CLICK HERE for pictures

  9. Botanical Shop Hop Quilt - This is the first quilt I've ever started that was meant only for me to put on our bed. Still not finished. But I am more than half-way through creating the blocks. CLICK HERE for pictures.

  10. Old Tobacco Road - This is a Bonnie Hunt Mystery Quilt. I love Bonnie's patterns and books. If you aren't familiar with her work check out Right now I'm still making the pinwheels. I need 100 pinwheels made out of 1.5 inch half-square triangles. That is a lot of work left to do. This UFO is my Sew-Between. (That is the quilt I work on in between my other items. I make a HST or a pinwheel as a Leader or an Ender for every chain on my current project) CLICK HERE for more pictures

  11. '07-'08 Thangles BOM - This project is all in batiks and well... let's just say I had a brain block on my math. I need to finish it, but the sashing isn't going to align well. Too bad, but it will make a great lap quilt for watching TV.

  12. Marisa Pinwheels - This is a very pretty little lap quilt that I had started for my MIL. But it was getting very close to Christmas and so I needed something I could finish right away, so this got shelved and I made something else. I'm about half through the piecing. This is a pattern from Roxanne Carter I have a few of her patterns that I am meaning to make!

  13. Cinder's Best Day - This is a quilt I designed for my little girl's cat. I knew he was getting sick, he's always had trouble with his kidneys. So I wanted to make a quilt for her so she could remember him. But the poor guy went quicker than I thought and my little Cricket was too sad to stand it! I had planned a chenille cat and some applique. Now that the sadness has passed, we are going to finish this quilt together.

  14. Garden Path Mosaic Pictorial - I don't know if I should include this in my list of UFOs. I wasn't even going to keep this. About 10 years ago I decided to make a mosaic picture because.... well, just to do it. I did this garden path. It was ok, but I wasn't enamored with the mosaic style. So I was going to toss it. My my middle child, a baby then, grabbed on and wouldn't let go. So it became hers. It was never finished and I noticed that the edges were VERY worn. I told my daughter ~ almost 10 now, that I would finish it off for her if she wanted to keep it, otherwise it would fall apart.

  15. Lost Blues - This is a quilt that I started, then I moved one last time. I don't remember the name of the pattern or even have it. It's only a little bit pieced and has large bits of fabric that remains uncut. I suspect I will dissolve this UFO into the fold. Uncut fabric into the stash and pieced blocks into scrap bins or the orphan box.

    Now we are getting into a sub-set of my UFOs. This is a list of quilts underway, but that will progress slowly as it is part of a SWAP, a BOM or something else that meters my progress:

  16. '08-'09 Thangles BOM - This is actually two quilts I am working on at once. My LQS is doing this in two colorways: Brights and Yellow, White and Blue. I am doing both simultaneously!

  17. Friendship Star - These blocks started in an open swap and I'm now continuing this swap as part of a private swap club I belong to. Not sure how many blocks I'll end up with, but they are all fun and beautiful!

  18. Disappearing 9-Patch - This started as a swap, I only have 8 blocks for this quilt and I want 12. So I am going to host one last swap at my club and should finish this one up very soon. I love this pattern, it's simple and pleasing.

  19. Lap Quilt Swap IV - I am SO happy to be a part of this swap hosted over at I have been watching jealously as Audrey worked on the previous swaps and finally had the opportunity to join. I've had so much fun creating blocks with everyone's beautiful fabrics and have received WONDERFUL blocks in return. I want to highlight them each on their own later (been in a Christmas rush the last few weeks).

    This is the last sub-set of projects on my UFO list. These are projects that I haven't even started:

  20. Postage Stamp Quilt - For this project, I am finishing up a pattern (yes, I caved and am creating a pattern!) and also I am organizing my squares. I think I don't have enough of the colors I want and too much of colors I am eliminating. Bummer! Lots more work to go.

  21. Midnight Garden - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern by Roxanne Carter, and I have the Perfect fabrics that I searched High and Low for! I mean I called every Quilt Shop this side of the Mississippi! I can't wait to start this project!

  22. A Girls Work is Never Done - This is going to be a lap/baby quilt. It should be cute. I have one fabric missing. But I must confess, I haven't tried to find the perfect fabric for finishing this off. So there it sits, the pattern and almost all the fabric! But now I know the perfect little baby for this little quilt, so I must put it on my active list!

  23. Bold Over Batiks - This is a lap quilt that I wanted for myself, and like all those quilts I want for myself, they never get started. This one has all the fabrics just waiting to get started.

  24. Cam's Snake Quilt - I found this great pattern for a Snake Quilt. Now my little boy is ALWAYS asking me to make him a quilt. He loves to go through my crumbs and hands me little pieces and tells me to stitch that into his next quilt. I now have many crumby blocks for him, but this snake quilt will blow him away! I know he will LOVE it. I just recently acquired all the fabrics needed, but have been busy working on his (and other) Christmas projects!

I also have 3 aprons, 2 Halloween bags, and a pillowcase that needs finishing, but they don't count as my Quilty UFOs!

So that's my UFO Report, Have you seen any UFOs hovering around your sewing closet lately? Inquiring minds want to know!!

  • What is your oldest UFO?

  • How old and why did it become a UFO?

  • When do you plan to finish it, if at all?

  • How many UFOs do you have?

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Final Finished Christmas Quilt

I finished this quilt on Christmas Eve, just in time!!

My oldest daughter changed her favorite color to blue, so this quilt is a mosaic-sorta. With a meander/star quilting pattern.

On the back I have some fabrics from the Happy Howlidays line (she also loves dogs!)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'm Having a White Christmas

Yesterday it looked
like all the snow was going to melt away.

Tempratures got almost to 40 degrees.

But we woke up today to big, huge fluffy flakes of snow!

So I just had to take a few more pics of our front yard!

Brrrrrr! Lukily I'm inside with my family and a cozy fire!

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope your is very Merry indeed!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the Night before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
The only one sleeping was Quilter's dear spouse.
The Log Cabin stockings were almost completed,
"Just a few stitches left, "our sweet quilter repeated,
"Then I can hang them and head off to finish
The pillows I'm making, fulfilling Mom's wish
For something "quilty" to put on her couch",
As she pricked her poor finger, our quilter yelled, "Ouch!"
....When from out in the kitchen there arose such a crashing,
She sprang from her work , and she dropped all her sashing.

Away to the doorway she flew like a plane,
Wondering just what was happening and who she could blame.
When what to her wondering eyes should appear,
But Old Mrs Claus and her bag of quilt-gear....
....With her elves bearing gifts, through the kitchen she came,
She directed and pointed and called them by name.
"Now Elna, now Pfaff, now Bernina and Viking,
The Hoffman and Mumm should be just to her liking.
To the sewing room - there, it's just back of the hall,
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!"

"My Dear," said The Claus (as she liked to be called),
There really is no need to worry at all.
Your projects will all be completed this night,
I'm terribly sorry we gave you a fright.
Sit down. Have some tea. It's relaxing, you'll see.
My friends and I've come a long way to help Thee.

She thought she was dreaming, our Dear Quilter did,
In fact she quite feared that she'd near' flipped her lid!
But the flash of the needles and twist of the thread

Soon gave her to know she had nothing to dread.
They spoke no more words, but went straight to their sewing.
How the work went so quickly she had no way of knowing.
The stitches, how tiny! The corners, how straight!
This Claus-woman's talent was awfully great.
They finished the pillows, then started a quilt.
Before they all knew it, the whole thing was built!...

Now old Mrs. Claus, she knew quilters real well,
And she knew they'd need help on this night most of all
So she said to our quilter, "Just move over, dear,
I've brought my own needle. We'll get done, never fear.
I told dear old Santa about what quilters do.
How they plan all these projects but have other work too.
So he taught me his magic for doing things fast.
There, that pillow's done. Now this is the last."
They tidied their thread snips, and picked up the scraps
And chased our dear quilters six cats from their laps.

They left behind gingerbread (just to be nice)
And the whole house smelled sweetly of Christmas and spice.
As they scurried away with their thimbles still gleaming
Dear Mrs. Claus paused, her cap ribbons streaming.
"Merry Christmas, my dear, now just have a ball!
Relax and enjoy. Happy Quilting to all!"

By the VERY TALENTED: Brenda Groelz, Kathy Rockbugs, Marilyn Root, Cindy Swafford

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some Lap Quilt Swap Blocks Finished

Here are a few blocks that I've made for Audrey for her Lap Quilts. She is making two quilts and I am contributing two blocks, one for each quilt.

This first one is for a picnic quilt she's making. She actually sent me about 5 or 6 fabrics to choose from.

Her request was that I use the black w/strawberries and at least one of the blues. I thought for a long time about what block to make, and I had hoped to find one that would use all of her fabrics, but finally came up with the following block. I didn't press it before I took the picture, so it's really not wonky. Actually its Bonnie's boxy star from

This last one is for another quilt she is making. I really liked the way this one turned out:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Outside My Window

Here are a few pictures of my front yard. It's been snowing and snowing and snowing.

What you can't see is that I have a circular driveway with a pond in the middle that measures about 20 to 25 feet across and dips down about 10 feet. You can't see this at all in our front yard because it's so covered in snow!

It's really a perfect day to be at home with a fire and the sewing machine! But unfortunately that is not to be! It's another busy day!

Fortunately, the roads just beyond my little neighborhood are very well tended to!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ina's Quilt Finished!

Well, I've finally finished Ina's Christmas quilt! I actually started another quilt for her, it was a floral pinwheel, but the pinwheels were very small and I knew there was no way I was going to get it done on time. So I decided to make this quilt instead.

I chose colors that were a bit more 'Christmas-y' but I don't know if she will like it. I almost forgot to take a picture, so this one is a bit rushed. The back is made from some large floral fabrics that I had in my stash. I had purchased them for her quilt when they went on sale. They went better with her last topthan with this top. Usually I don't try to get the back to match the front, but my MIL will be very concerned with this.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's almost that time... no, not Christmas

Well, that too, but the New Year is just around the corner! And you know what that means, yup, New Year's Resolutions!

I know, I know, those silly sappy New Year's Resolutions are for suckers. We always make them, we never keep them, blah, blah blah.

Well, call me a silly, sappy sucker, but I'll admit it. I REALLY LIKE New Year's Resolutions. I like taking the dedicated time to take stock in my own short-comings and looking forward to a new year with the hope of great achievements! And, yes, I'll admit it, I love the traditional nature of it all. Everyone does them, or if they don't they complain about other people doing them. But most of all I LOVE LISTS!

It's true, I'm an avid, obsessive list maker. I love making them, reading them, managing them and mostly checking stuff off of them! Sometimes I add stuff to my list that I've already finished, just so I can check it off. Oh, the glory of checking things off your list. And, to my husband's amusement (or is it horror) I'm breeding another in my own image! Yes, my little cricket is a budding list maker, and considering her age and skill she will one day surpass me and be a black-belt ninja list maker!

Ok, so enough of the drama already. For the last week of the year I am thinking deep quilty thoughts. And those thoughts are destined to be listed here on my humble blog. Here is a sampling of what is to come:

  • UFOs – yes, I really want to take stock of what I have going on in my back closet. Although, I know that my UFO list will not be long but only because of my tragic tale of UFOs lost and (some miraculously) found. I plan to be brutal, Everything will be listed and photographed. If it's not completely completed, it's not done!

  • BOOKS – well, quilty books really. Those I want to get (Are you reading this hubby, please take notes) and those I want to read.

  • SKILLS – all those that I am lacking actually; and what I want to learn.

  • And of course, MY RESOLUTIONS! Ahhhh, it brings joy to my heart! Not only do I get to really think hard about this list, but also this is like one big group project. I've got my list and you've got yours. How long did you last – best year? One year I almost made it to February before my resolutions fell apart! But this year, I plan to make it well into MARCH!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Like a pebble in my shoe!

Ok, this has nothing to do with quilting, but last night I got a call at like 9:06pm…. For a hang up! Criminy! How annoying is that! Here I was, already a little annoyed actually because I was having troubles basting my latest quilt, when the phone rings. I figured it must be important, or at least someone I really want to talk to because only close friends or emergencies call after 9pm.
Well, he/she called back three times! Can you imagine? THREE TIMES!? Did they just get the wrong number? Was it a prank? Really very irritating. Finally, I decided to try this website I had heard about for Phone Number Reporting You can type in the phone number and do a Reverse Lookup, they have a Current List of Most Frequently Reported Phone Numbers, and also you can submit a comment or read other comments submitted. And I’m telling you, forget ‘Desperate Housewives’ this little comment list makes for some interesting reading.

My call turned out to be rather harmless, but there are some real scams out there that I am now more aware of after checking out

Tonight I plan to get that quilt basted, with NO pestering phone calls.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Worst Nightmare Come True

.... or at least, my worst nightmare when dealing with someone else's fabrics!

I looked at these fabrics several times before deciding exactly what square would look best. There wasn't a lot of fabric so my first choice ( a pineapple blossom) was scrapped for my second choice. But instead of actually measuring, I eyeballed the fabric and assumed I had enough.

Then, I started cutting, big mistake!!! I was just a scant 1/4" off! NOT ENOUGH FABRIC! Oh, what was I to do, I don't have any more of this fabric, it's not even mine. I had barely gotten into this swap group, and only on the recommendation of my friend Audrey (Who's awesome blog can be found here: AudreyPawdry )

I briefly had visions of a devastated recipient, being black-listed from Craftster, and, well.... let's just say sometimes I get a bit dramatic. But I was a little horror struck at my mistake.

Well, I quickly re-assessed the remains of my cutting mistake and came up with the following block and some bonus HSTs that measure 3.5":

Actually, it really wouldn't be nearly as bad if she wasn't already receiving TWO friendship star blocks in these fabrics. Fortunately all three blocks have a different way of making use of the fabrics and they do look sufficiently different. So all my drama was for nothing, but it did serve to teach me a very valuable lesson when using other peoples fabrics! Also, I'm a little nervous that she will be disappointed.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

You've Seen these in process...

Did you Freda's Hive Today?
And if not, better get over there quick because today is the last day! Well, at least to potentially win a prize!

...well, here they are finished. I had meant to post these as I finished them. But, well, I put up so many pictures as I was making them that it hardly seemed worthwile.

Not only that, but it's winter in Seattle and there has not been even an inch of blue sky in eons! So today, I thought I would take advantage of a dry sky (if not actually blue).

The first, of course you've seen before is my little guys christmas quilt, the backing is just one big piece of fabric that he picked out months ago "If you ever make me a christmas quilt mommy will you put this on the back?" What could I do!

This second is for my middle daughter. Also featured here on my blog as I put the backing on it and did the quilting. I know she will love the back, because it has many fabrics with gold detail and she LOVES any and all bright and shiny things, including fabrics. For the binding, I found a technique on the internet that I thought I would try, but I wasn't really pleased with the result. Still, probably only I will notice.

Friday, December 12, 2008

You Deserve a Break Today!! (Really!)

Did you Freda's Hive Today?
And if you did, then ask yourself... Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you?!

This recipe I got off of the Quilters Gallery email, (so I can't link it) they received it via email, from Linda B. of Ottawa, Ontario.

I think it's a brilliant recipe! Sure to be one of my favorites, so if you find yourself stitching well into the early hours to get those projects completed in time for the holidays? Here's a special treat just for you... ice cream optional.

(or as I like to call it: Mom's Mini-Me Cake)

4 tablespoons flour

4 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons cocoa

1 egg

3 tablespoons milk

3 tablespoons oil [I'm going to try it with apple sauce instead]

3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)

a small splash of vanilla extract

1 large coffee mug

Add dry ingredients to the mug, and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly. Pour in the milk and oil (or applesauce) and mix well. Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla extract, and mix again.

Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts (high). The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed! Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.

Update: This comes out like chocolate bread, really pretty good, but different from cake. Hard to explain really, also don't skip the chocolate chips!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Podcast Review: Annie Smith~Quilting Stash

Did you Freda's Hive Today?
And if you did, then ask yourself... Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you?!

Fellow Blogger and quilter extraordinaire, Paula - The Quilter, recommended Annie's Quilting Stash. Well I had a listen and it was really great!

Annie Smith does a bi-weekly podcast (her website is linked above, also try getting it at iTunes as well). The latest one features two fabulous interviews:

First Annie speaks with Karey Bresenhan, founder and president of Quilt Market and Quilt Festival. Karey is a real down-home girl and the interview is wonderfully personable, full of interesting stories and little tid-bits. Their website is of course: Quilts, Inc.

Then Annie has an interview with Beth Hayes, editor and chief of McCalls Quilting Magazine. The audio quality on this interview isn't the best but the content is still pretty interesting. McCalls Quilting is a part of CK Media which includes: Quilters Home, Quiltmaker, Quick Quilts, and McCalls Quilting among many others!

Another little tid-bit of information revealed in this interview is that McCalls is looking for cutting edge fabrics in somewhat traditional patterns. So if you want to get one of your brilliant patterns published there, that is what Beth Hayes is looking for!

Well, all-in-all, this is definitely a podcast to subscribe to.

Annie's Quilting Stash: Recommend!

If you have an ipod, you can set it up to download weekly all new podcasts. If you are new to the ipod and want to know where to look to get it all set up, just send me an email!

PS - For those of you who are not familiar with podcasts, most of them are offered for free, or ask for a small donation.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quilty Podcasts?

Did you Freda's Hive Today?
And if you did, then ask yourself... Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you?!

Yes, it's true! You can now (probably for a while actually) download audio podcasts all about quilting!

There are several out there to choose from! Of course there is Alex anderson, who does a nice talk about what's going on in her busy life. But there are several. Who Knew!!

I'm going to go through each one individually and give you my take on them.

Today, I listened to Alex Anderson. I actually listened to a few of her podcasts and they are all very good. It's way more personal and casual than her tv show. She really talks about what she is doing in her world of quilting. The last few were about going to Paducah, going to Houston, to Chicago and her 1 year anniversary with Ricky Timms ( they did that one together with him on the phone with her)... but woven in to her experiences at each of these shows, are also lots of personal stories and interesting tidbits.

I found the podcast very enjoyable. Ms. Anderson has a nice speaking voice - perhaps from years on tv which make for an easy listen. But mostly, she comes across far more down-to-earth and personable in this easy casual format than she did on her show. Of course, I did watch her show and quite enjoyed it.

So if you are thinking of adding a podcast to your life. I recommmend 'Alex Anderson Quilt Connections'

I'll have more reviews as I listen to each of the podcasts. Meanwhile if you have any favorites let me know! Also, if you were to subscribe to a 'Quilty' Podcast, what would you want to listen to?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Supplemental (another lovely giveaway)

Nanette at Freda's Hive is having a wonderful Anniversay Giveaway that is lasting all week, so hurry over and check it out!

Here are just a few of the wonderful items that have already been announced:

Isn't her work beautiful!! The above quilt is featured in Fons and Porters Baby Quilts 2008 edition, so if you haven't seen it yet I really recommend you check it out!
The magazine is available HERE

There are also some lovely house ornaments, but I really like her fabric trees (pictured above!)

So hurry hurry and get in on the game!



And Now for something completely different!

You might have already seen this, but it's pretty good. It made me laugh so hard I cried.

There are some lines in there that sound just a little too familair!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday's Progress Report

... on my NYE Challenge . The challenge was to finish (whatever quilts you listed) by New Year's Eve! Well, I put five quilts on my list to finish. Below is the progress I've made.

  1. My (Very) First Quilt (Ever) This is one of the 'Great Finds' of mine. Years later to find the very first quilt top I ever made. It's certainly not the best workmanship, but back then... well, I was just a newbie!
    Progress: Quilting Done, started the binding! (Yahoo!)

  2. Ina's Christmas Quilt This is for my MIL. Top is done, ordered away for the backing fabric, but they cancelled my order. I must send this one off to the UK (Scotland, home of my hubbies birth) so I'm a bit behind!

  3. Kayleigh's Christmas Quilt This is a christmas quilt for my oldest daughter. She was always a purple girl, but has recently switched to blue, blue, blue!
    Progress: The top is done, so it's just the quilting and binding. Must pick out the backing fabric on this one still!
  4. Cricket's Christmas Quilt This is a Christmas quilt for my middle girl. She recently went with me to the LQS and looked at some fabrics. Sadly she picked out a bunch of fabrics that were about as far from what I've made her as possible. Bummer because...
    Progress: It's just the, quilting and binding left to do.

  5. Cameron's Christmas Quilt: Very cute little quilt with scottie dogs and other repro fabrics. He picked out the fabric months ago for the backing!
    Progress: done!

  6. Botanical Shop Hop Quilt : This is the first quilt that I have ever made for myself with the intention of putting it on my bed! My husband said to me one day in passing that we didn't have any of my nice quilts for ourselves!
    Progress: I haven't worked on this one for weeks!!

  7. Old Tobacco Road : This is a Bonnie Mystery Quilt that I fell in love with and really would like to finish!
    Progress: Well, I've got a long way to go! Still working on those pinwheels! I've got 18 done.

So, keep quiltin'

Saturday, December 6, 2008

9-Patch Blocks

I was participating in a 9-patch block exchange. We all made simple 9-patch blocks for each other and swapped what we made.

I have been planning on taking the blocks and making a disappearing 9-patch with them. That will have to wait until after the holidays, when I'm finished with all my UFO's and holiday sewing. But I thought you might want to see all the blocks I've amassed so far:

And a few more!

On another note. It's been in the mid-50s here, not too cold, but a little wet. But if you go farther up in elevation, to a place called Rachel Lake, the weather turns cold and beautiful!

Take a Look: