Saturday, December 27, 2008

UFO Sighting!

Well, I did it, I went through my entire cupboard and counted up all my UFOs, including photographic evidence!

Here is what I've un-earthed:

  1. UFOM #1 - My First Quilt. This comes from a sub-set of UFOs called UFO Miracles, see earlier in my blog for details on this tragic tale. Status: Halfway done with the binding.
    Photograph: Well, I've blogged about this one enough before, if you want to see a picture, CLICK HERE I put a few pics on my first post.

  2. UFOM #2 - Yes, it's a Quillow! and done in the country style that was so popular when I started this project. Which is not to be confused with today's country style. As if I have my finger on the pulse of the Home Decor world -- NOT! Anyhow, still not done! For more pictures CLICK HERE I posted about it shortly after it was "re-discovered"

  3. UFOM #3 - Flannel Crazy Quilt. Not even touched since it was "Re-discovered" To see pictures of this Crazy Project: CLICK HERE

  4. UFOM #4 - Almost Almost Done Christmas Wallhanging - Well, this one my children have helped me decide what to do with the blank panel, we're going to put in Christmas Stockings, and they will help finish the decorations on the little trees. We've decided that this one will be done by next Christmas, so progress will be slow, but steady! For Pictures CLICK HERE

  5. UFOM #5 - Woodsy Center - Okay, I don't know what I was thinking when I started this! And I was such a new quilter back then (16 yrs ago?) that my inexperience really shows. All I can say is, maybe it will go on a quilt back~! If you dare see pictures CLICK HERE

  6. UFOM #6 - The Really Big Kaleidoscope Quilt - Well, this one I've lost a critical piece of equipment: the ruler I was using! I'm pretty sad too because I was really hoping to finish this one up. I remember throwing out the ruler in a moment of disgust, because at that time, I thought I had lost my complete quilting stash - fabrics, UFOs, tools, everything! Well, I did lose most of it, except for 6 little miracles! For the complete Tragic tale CLICK HERE and for pictures of my Really Big Kaleidoscope Quilt CLICK HERE and if you happen to know where I can find this tool:

    And earn my undying gratitude, please contact me immediately!

  7. Tree of Life - This is just the center block. But I don't know how to finish this. I don't have any fabrics to match, so I need to bring this piece to the store to find some fabrics. CLICK HERE for a picture.

  8. Road to California - This wonderful project is actually a win from the Stichin' Post Lottery challenge. I love the blocks and I've only to assemble them into a beautiful Queen or King size quilt on-point. I've purchased additional fabrics for the sashing and this one is high on my list to complete. CLICK HERE for pictures

  9. Botanical Shop Hop Quilt - This is the first quilt I've ever started that was meant only for me to put on our bed. Still not finished. But I am more than half-way through creating the blocks. CLICK HERE for pictures.

  10. Old Tobacco Road - This is a Bonnie Hunt Mystery Quilt. I love Bonnie's patterns and books. If you aren't familiar with her work check out Right now I'm still making the pinwheels. I need 100 pinwheels made out of 1.5 inch half-square triangles. That is a lot of work left to do. This UFO is my Sew-Between. (That is the quilt I work on in between my other items. I make a HST or a pinwheel as a Leader or an Ender for every chain on my current project) CLICK HERE for more pictures

  11. '07-'08 Thangles BOM - This project is all in batiks and well... let's just say I had a brain block on my math. I need to finish it, but the sashing isn't going to align well. Too bad, but it will make a great lap quilt for watching TV.

  12. Marisa Pinwheels - This is a very pretty little lap quilt that I had started for my MIL. But it was getting very close to Christmas and so I needed something I could finish right away, so this got shelved and I made something else. I'm about half through the piecing. This is a pattern from Roxanne Carter I have a few of her patterns that I am meaning to make!

  13. Cinder's Best Day - This is a quilt I designed for my little girl's cat. I knew he was getting sick, he's always had trouble with his kidneys. So I wanted to make a quilt for her so she could remember him. But the poor guy went quicker than I thought and my little Cricket was too sad to stand it! I had planned a chenille cat and some applique. Now that the sadness has passed, we are going to finish this quilt together.

  14. Garden Path Mosaic Pictorial - I don't know if I should include this in my list of UFOs. I wasn't even going to keep this. About 10 years ago I decided to make a mosaic picture because.... well, just to do it. I did this garden path. It was ok, but I wasn't enamored with the mosaic style. So I was going to toss it. My my middle child, a baby then, grabbed on and wouldn't let go. So it became hers. It was never finished and I noticed that the edges were VERY worn. I told my daughter ~ almost 10 now, that I would finish it off for her if she wanted to keep it, otherwise it would fall apart.

  15. Lost Blues - This is a quilt that I started, then I moved one last time. I don't remember the name of the pattern or even have it. It's only a little bit pieced and has large bits of fabric that remains uncut. I suspect I will dissolve this UFO into the fold. Uncut fabric into the stash and pieced blocks into scrap bins or the orphan box.

    Now we are getting into a sub-set of my UFOs. This is a list of quilts underway, but that will progress slowly as it is part of a SWAP, a BOM or something else that meters my progress:

  16. '08-'09 Thangles BOM - This is actually two quilts I am working on at once. My LQS is doing this in two colorways: Brights and Yellow, White and Blue. I am doing both simultaneously!

  17. Friendship Star - These blocks started in an open swap and I'm now continuing this swap as part of a private swap club I belong to. Not sure how many blocks I'll end up with, but they are all fun and beautiful!

  18. Disappearing 9-Patch - This started as a swap, I only have 8 blocks for this quilt and I want 12. So I am going to host one last swap at my club and should finish this one up very soon. I love this pattern, it's simple and pleasing.

  19. Lap Quilt Swap IV - I am SO happy to be a part of this swap hosted over at I have been watching jealously as Audrey worked on the previous swaps and finally had the opportunity to join. I've had so much fun creating blocks with everyone's beautiful fabrics and have received WONDERFUL blocks in return. I want to highlight them each on their own later (been in a Christmas rush the last few weeks).

    This is the last sub-set of projects on my UFO list. These are projects that I haven't even started:

  20. Postage Stamp Quilt - For this project, I am finishing up a pattern (yes, I caved and am creating a pattern!) and also I am organizing my squares. I think I don't have enough of the colors I want and too much of colors I am eliminating. Bummer! Lots more work to go.

  21. Midnight Garden - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern by Roxanne Carter, and I have the Perfect fabrics that I searched High and Low for! I mean I called every Quilt Shop this side of the Mississippi! I can't wait to start this project!

  22. A Girls Work is Never Done - This is going to be a lap/baby quilt. It should be cute. I have one fabric missing. But I must confess, I haven't tried to find the perfect fabric for finishing this off. So there it sits, the pattern and almost all the fabric! But now I know the perfect little baby for this little quilt, so I must put it on my active list!

  23. Bold Over Batiks - This is a lap quilt that I wanted for myself, and like all those quilts I want for myself, they never get started. This one has all the fabrics just waiting to get started.

  24. Cam's Snake Quilt - I found this great pattern for a Snake Quilt. Now my little boy is ALWAYS asking me to make him a quilt. He loves to go through my crumbs and hands me little pieces and tells me to stitch that into his next quilt. I now have many crumby blocks for him, but this snake quilt will blow him away! I know he will LOVE it. I just recently acquired all the fabrics needed, but have been busy working on his (and other) Christmas projects!

I also have 3 aprons, 2 Halloween bags, and a pillowcase that needs finishing, but they don't count as my Quilty UFOs!

So that's my UFO Report, Have you seen any UFOs hovering around your sewing closet lately? Inquiring minds want to know!!

  • What is your oldest UFO?

  • How old and why did it become a UFO?

  • When do you plan to finish it, if at all?

  • How many UFOs do you have?


Dr. Quiltmom said...

I love the UFO list. I think I will make one too. The OTR is my ultimate favorite quilt of all time, finish that one. The road to CA is also a favorite. I love those blocks. Send it to me if you want to.:)

Helen in the UK said...

That's quite a list of UFOs!! I guess the first stage to tackling them is to know what you have outstanding! Wishing you luck with getting many of them completed next year :)
Personally, I hate having UFOs ... always try and finish them up and get them 'out of here'!!

Libby said...

Wow, good for you for making this list! Do you have a plan of attack for all this? My oldest UFO is about 12 years old! It's actually the first large-ish quilting project that I ever started, but was never finished because I wasn't really seriously into quilting at the time. But I definitely want to finish it because it is a "first" project. Maybe this year!

Cheryl said...

I bought a Kaleidoscope wedge ruler like the one in your picture from Ben Franklins in Oconomowoc. Last I looked they still had some. Their phone is: (262) 567-0271.
This is a great list, and I was planning on assembling one two to help me keep focused. I haven't finished my first quilt either!

Nanci said...

Wow, all those unfinished. I am so new at this craft that I only am doing one at a time it seems.
I do have a very large one not finished as yet, but it's the basting that was getting me.
Now,I'm looking for a longarm quilter to baste it for me here in Whitby.
I love your blog. Great stuff here and a nice visit on this cold blowing wind day in Ontario.

Elaine Adair said...

OH my - I would get depressed having so many projects to do. How about just do ONE at a time, and maybe combine some of the others, or 'gift' one or two to jealous friends? One Step At a Time, and then when one is finished you will be so happy you will dig happily and with enthusiasm for the next?

I LOVE my Kaleidoscope Ruler, and purchased one recently for a friend, so they are still available. Good progress with your list. 8-))

StitchinByTheLake said...

Is that all you have? :) I plan to go through my sewing room this week and list my UFOs. I then plan to be properly humiliated by the sheer number of them. And I promise to finish all, half, a few of them by this time next year! blessings, marlene

Jeanne said...

Brave gal - making that list and even taking pics. Best of luck as you complete them one by one. I have a list, too, but it needs to be updated.

Shanna said...

Wow!! That is a lot of beautiful projects!! I understand the pinwheels...are you going to do the newest Bonnie Hunter mystery?!?
I currently have 5 UFO's, the oldest one is about a year old. I have a ton of fabric combinations that I have bought with the intentions of making a quilt with them, so they haven't even made it to the UFO pile!! Looks like I will have a busy 2009 with you :o)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Holy Cow Dionne! Unbelievable. That is some record. I have some I'm slowly working on - projects "to go". Sort of. And maybe about 5 others? I have more left over blocks than UFOs. I have so many things I want to do though. So many sketches and notes that seem like UFOs because I didn't have time to start them!

belinda said...

wow....i'm exhausted just reading your list!!....all i have to say better get busy!!

my oldest is about 23 yrs. old...just need to decide on binding...and it's so old, i can't seem to make anything in my stash look right with it..needless to say...i don't have any of the fabrics matching it left!