Thursday, August 28, 2008

UFOM #5 - Woodsy Center

This block I was making for someone I worked with, back when I was expecting my first child (who is 11 now). She and I were quite friendly.

Then one day, she just didn't come in to work. When I inquired about her, they said she called in to quit with no notice and said she was moving to Georgia -- Atlanta I think.

So there this sat, for ages. Of all the projects I had sitting in my sewing room, if I had to choose among any of them, I must say, this would be the very last one I would want saved. It's very much not my style.

In this close up you can see my four-patch is a bit wonky! Probably better I didn't give it out as a gift I suppose! Maybe I can find a center medallion swap or something, although, now that I've highlighted my wonky squares, perhaps I should rethink that!

Well, this one is a puzzler. I've promised myself to finish all my UFOMs. Problem is, what to do? What to do?


Quilt Pixie said...

give it away! either to someone you know or a charity... if it holds nothing "special" for you, send it out.... Think of the utter surprise the random act of kindness of giving a quilt might generate and do it! Someone should love it...

Dionne said...

That is a fabulous idea. I thought of the charities I know of and most won't work. Quilts of Valor, Project Linus and the Battered Womens shelter are great and I've donated materials and quilts to all of them, but this quilt isn't approptiate

Perhaps a homeless shelter, if I finish it off...