Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Second Christmas Quilt (Almost) Done!!

I actually got this all sandwiched and pinned before I left, but I never got around to posting the pictures.

Here is a close up, there are some very cute christmas kids on the print. This is a bit risky because my middle child is right at that stage... almost a tween, still a kid. Will she like it? Will it be too young for her?

This quilt is for my middle daughter, I'll quilt it and finish the binding when I get back.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friendship Star Swap ~ In the Mail...

Well the last few blocks came in yesterday and I got them all swapped and mailed out!

Because I was busy packing for my trip, I didn't take any pics so the last few will have to be a suprise!

Hope you like them!

Monday, November 24, 2008

(Almost) Done with Christmas Quilt One!

Well Here it is, everything done but the binding! Yahoo. I finally finished up the quilting.

Here is the back:

This fabric was picked out by my little guy. I was looking through fabrics for a backing on another quilt at my LQS several months ago and we came across this fabric. He told me that if I ever made a Christmas quilt for him he wanted that fabric as the backing, well, it went on sale and perfect timing too!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Block of the Month Giveaway

Here is a block of the month giveaway over at the Stitching Cow

The giveaway includes: receiving an e-pattern together with 3-4 videos each month demonstrating the techniques used in this quilt.The videos include demonstrations of hand embroidery stitches, needle turn appliqué, template piecing, border cutting, colourwash painting and more. It really is the easier way to tackle a more challenging quilt. Members of this program are able to watch over my shoulder and discover all my secret tips and tricks to creating this beautiful quilt.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lap Quiilt Swap IV (or LQS4)

Here is the fabrics I've chosen for the Lap Quilt Swap IV

These are nicely muted colors from a variety of lines. The rules of this swap are that you send your fabric to 11 other people and they all send their fabrics to you. They make you a block with your fabric and send it back to you (with leftovers) and you make a block for each of them with their fabric and send back the block (with the leftovers).

So this swap actually finishes in Feb '09, so I'm not too concerned about the slow holiday mail. Here are some links from a couple of participants from some of the previous swaps:

  • Audrey is the one who invited me into this swap, take a look at her blog to see the results of a previous few swaps. (The below links are from Audrey, this is my first time to participate).
  • Sew Help Me made a beautiful quilt in browns, greens and pinks from a previous swap.
  • QuiltDad has a mosaic in Amy Butler fabrics.
  • RitaPizza put together a really nice mosaic on-point of all her swap blocks.
  • And Finally AthenaMat put together a great top from her swap blocks.

This should be a fun swap!

Fall themed Table Runner

I really love this table runner. It's perfect for these autumn days

Of course, to take the picture I placed it on the floor, because I'm not tall enough to get a good picture on the table. Only when I uploaded to my computer did I notice that I must have taken this picture before I vacuumed.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some of the Friendship Star Blocks...

Here are a few of the blocks I've received. I'll post a few more pictures throughout the week!

These all have yellow/orange stars on blue backgrounds. Not all of the blocks have been in this color way. It's so much fun to see all the lovely blocks come in!

Because everyone is sending in different numbers of blocks (1, 6, 12) You'll never know which of the blocks I put on this blog you will eventually find in your mailbox!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Progress to Report...

... on my NYE Challenge . Not a whole lot but as a reminder, This is my 'NYE To Do List':

  1. My (Very) First Quilt (Ever) This is one of the 'Great Finds' of mine. Years later to find the very first quilt top I ever made. It's certainly not the best workmanship, but back then... well, I was just a newbie!
    Progress: Quilting Done, just needs the binding! (Yahoo!)

  2. Ina's Christmas Quilt This is for my MIL. Top is done, ordered away for the backing fabric. I must send this one off to the UK (Scotland, home of my hubbies birth) so I hope that fabric gets here soon!

  3. Kayleigh's Christmas Quilt This is a christmas quilt for my oldest daughter. She was always a purple girl, but has recently switched to blue, blue, blue!
    Progress: The top is done, so it's just the quilting and binding. (Backing is in same order as Ina's quilt)
  4. Cricket's Christmas Quilt This is a Christmas quilt for my middle girl. She recently went with me to the LQS and looked at some fabrics. Sadly she picked out a bunch of fabrics that were about as far from what I've made her as possible. Bummer because...
    Progress: The top is done! So, she'll get what I've made. It's just the backing, quilting and binding left to do.

  5. Cameron's Christmas Quilt: Now my little guy doesn't like anything new, unless it's a toy. He is very much into routine. It took him almost a year to grow fond of his other quilts (one from his god mom at his babtism and one from me when he transitioned from a crib to a toddler bed) Now he loves those quilts and a snuggle blanket I made him years ago above all else. I expect it will take him some time to warm up to this blanket as well.
    Progress: The top is done! Just the backing, quilting and binding!

  6. Botanical Shop Hop Quilt : This is the first quilt that I have ever made for myself with the intention of putting it on my bed! My husband said to me one day in passing that we didn't have any of my nice quilts for ourselves!
    Progress: Well, I've almost finished the piecing. Just one more 'Element' to finish then I can assemble the top!

  7. Old Tobacco Road : This is a Bonnie Mystery Quilt that I fell in love with and really would like to finish!
    Progress: Well, I've got a long way to go!

Now, some of you might be wondering where the pictures are of the Friendship Star Swap...

Well, you are going to have to wait because I haven't taken the pictures yet! But I will, I promise!

So, keep quiltin'

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Lovely Giveaway!

When the Old Red Barn Co. hosts a giveaway, it's done in style!

There are three beautiful quilts being given away and a few patterns as well!

Aren't they beautiful! To enter you need to go here!

Here are closeups of all three quilts:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Long Time Gone

Well, it's definately true. I've been a long time gone from this blog. I had a minor routine surgery (out-patient even) that went terribly wrong.

After a near-death experience ~ that my children refer to as 'The Tragic Day' as in... "I missed that soccer practice because it was on The Tragic Day." They are so very dramatic.

Then a somewhat painful and unpleasant recovery.... I am now back after what really seems like a long time gone.

BUT, I have started to sew again, and I am now also beginning to receive 'Friendship Star' squares in the mail for the swap!

I must say, what FUN!!! I love swaps, it's like the fun of sewing, quilting, shopping and having friends to share it all with wrapped up into one nice little package!

So here is my question:

Should I start posting pictures of the squares I receive? Or do you want a surprise?

Now, remember, that some people are sending in 6 blocks to swap and some people are sending in 12 blocks to swap. So while EVERYONE will get new blocks (plus one of their own) they won't necessarily be getting one of EACH block sent in. Do I really make everything difficult or what?!