Monday, November 17, 2008

Lap Quiilt Swap IV (or LQS4)

Here is the fabrics I've chosen for the Lap Quilt Swap IV

These are nicely muted colors from a variety of lines. The rules of this swap are that you send your fabric to 11 other people and they all send their fabrics to you. They make you a block with your fabric and send it back to you (with leftovers) and you make a block for each of them with their fabric and send back the block (with the leftovers).

So this swap actually finishes in Feb '09, so I'm not too concerned about the slow holiday mail. Here are some links from a couple of participants from some of the previous swaps:

  • Audrey is the one who invited me into this swap, take a look at her blog to see the results of a previous few swaps. (The below links are from Audrey, this is my first time to participate).
  • Sew Help Me made a beautiful quilt in browns, greens and pinks from a previous swap.
  • QuiltDad has a mosaic in Amy Butler fabrics.
  • RitaPizza put together a really nice mosaic on-point of all her swap blocks.
  • And Finally AthenaMat put together a great top from her swap blocks.

This should be a fun swap!


Sharon said...

Wow, you have some beautiful fabrics there! That swap looks like fun, and the examples from other swaps were just gorgeous! Is there a requirement on the size of the blocks? What a great way to get a quilt. Good for people with a low threshold for boredom!

audreypawdrey said...

I love your fabrics! They really are nice and soft. I am excited that you joined us, too, in the swap! It is going to be so much fun. I have been busy making friendship stars to send your way. It is okay if i send between 6-12? I am not going to make it to twelve-i don't think...