Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Block of the Month Giveaway

Here is a block of the month giveaway over at the Stitching Cow

The giveaway includes: receiving an e-pattern together with 3-4 videos each month demonstrating the techniques used in this quilt.The videos include demonstrations of hand embroidery stitches, needle turn appliqué, template piecing, border cutting, colourwash painting and more. It really is the easier way to tackle a more challenging quilt. Members of this program are able to watch over my shoulder and discover all my secret tips and tricks to creating this beautiful quilt.


Christina said...

thank you for that info, I'll pop over now.

Robyn said...

What a neat thing to do!

Hi Dionne, I'm replying here too, cause I can't find your email...we're a good pair it seems :p
Mine is: daisyquilts at gmail dot com
Thanks for your kind words on the little bag I made...I had so much fun!
About OTR...I think we should encourage and inspire each other...interested?? :D
Even if we helped each other make 20 or 30 pinwheels a week (and check on how we're doing), we'd get there...what'dya think...Mine are still looking at me and I'm so tempted to do what you're thinking...start using them for other stuff...Let's beat this thing!!!
Let me know :D
have a groovy day,
Robyn xx