Saturday, August 23, 2008

UFOM #1 - My First Quilt

I've decided to call these UFOMs -- the M is for Miracle. (or You-Foms).

So my first find was this finished quilt top. It's the very first quilt I ever made. I was so very proud of it and I remember how much I loved the fabrics I chose. To this day I have a weakness for tree quilts and leafy fabric prints.

But the funny thing about this quilt is that I had sent it over to a long-armer (couldn't imagine myself doing the quilting in those days -- or even what a long-arm quilter was!)

Anyhow, the poor lady took one look at my quilt and sent it back! Said she couldn't do my quilt. I must have been her worst nightmare as a client (except that I was pleasant I'm sure)...

She had finished the edges on her serger for me and I just folded it up and dropped it into a bag. I haven't looked at it since.

It has some damaged bits, and if you look close you will see that the bag I kept it in has some mold on it -- never very good for a quilt.

Well I'm going to finish it up on my Pfaff machine. I grabbed some leftover novelty fabric of christmas pigs (Olivia if you have children) and it'll make a great lap quilt in winter for when the kids are watching t.v.

So that's it - My first UFOM is my first quilt! Ironic....


Sunny said...

Why on earth did the longarm quilter send it back. I looks fin to me! I love it.

audreypawdrey said...

I am so glad that you found some of your quilts! I like the trees and I love the fact you found your very first quilt.

wonderwoman said...

that's fate for you! quilt looks good and somewhat special to have the first one.