Friday, August 29, 2008

UFOM #6 - The Really Big Kaleidescope Quilt

My last and final Miracle UFO! This was going to be a King Size Kaleidescope quilt. All done in purple. In retrospect, I find the color selection a bit dark. It's kind of funny how our tastes change over the years.

Everything was included here. All my notes, lots of fabric, Several finished squares, many more almost finished squares -- and even a marking pen.

Everything but the required ruler! The really irritating thing about that is that I remember seeing that ruler when we were moving. I remember thinking that it was out of place and ought to be with all my other sewing supplies. Then I got distracted, I didn't go investigate what the movers were doing. To this day I wonder if I would have stopped right then, would I have been able to salvage all my sewing supplies? All that fabric? All that work?

Now that ruler is gone, and so is everything else. Well, almost everything. Everything except my 6 little miracles!
Here I've placed the finished squares together on the floor (my design wall is already covered with my "real" work -- ha ha) I think it will look nice when it's all done. If I can find a ruler replacement, I might even make it a King size! Probably not though. We'll see!


Paula said...

I love these blocks! Of course, I am drawn to those darker, richer colors. I do hope you can find a replacement ruler, so that you can finish this UFO. So sorry to hear that you lost so much!

Tamara said...

Wow, I think that is the best one! I have not yet had to courage to make a kaleidescope quilt, maybe seeing yours will motivate me. Thanks for bringing us on this journey.

wonderwoman said...

what great colours and what lovely quilts you've shown us - good luck finishing them all off.


Elaine Adair said...

Very pretty and rich! I'm a big fan of Kaleidoscope - my new best favorite. Hope you find that ruler soon - your project needs to be DONE - it's too gorgeous not to finish.

If you care to see another kaleidoscope sample, check out my August 16th, and another version of August 5.

Anonymous said...

I think these blocks look great!

But I agree, isn't it interesting how one's taste can change over the years. I've found that projects that I started not even a year ago are now not really my taste any more. I think I'm becoming ever more picky and discriminating the more I look at diferent quilts and different designs...

Kim said...

you can find the ruler her at this website. I just looked it up on google for you. It's listed at $20.95

If you want to see my kaleidoscope tutorial you can go here to my blog.

Hope that helps you!

Hugs, Kim