Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Longarm Quilter works on Thesis

Many of you probably know or know of Peg Bingham, who designs the celtic knot quilts. She's looking for input from professional mchine quilters and their customers as research for her master's thesis. She says it takes 20 to 45 minutes to complete the survey, but I found as a customer it took much less--more like 10 to 15. Also, the link to the survey has come unlinked so you'd need to copy and paste the URL.The following is from Peg:

Dear friends and quilting associates -

As many of you know, for the past few years, I have been working on my Master's degree in Clothing & Textiles. Well, my thesis topic has been approved and now I must collect data. The topic is "Professional Machine Quilting and Its Impact on the Late Twentieth Century Quilt Revival." I am excited and honored to be able to record this important part of contemporary quilt history.

Below is on on-line survey by which I will collect information about machine quilting. In the survey, there are four tracks - the first is for professional quilters, those receiving money for their machine quilting services; the second is for their customers; third is for professionals in the industry servicing and supporting the professional machine quilters; and the last is for owners of professional caliber equipment who use it only for personal use. The survey starts the same for everyone, asking for permission and demographic info then the role the respondent occupies in the industry. It takes 20 to 45 minutes to respond, depending on the length of your answers. One of my professors suggested that I trim out some questions but I couldn't do it. I felt that any omission left a hole in the research.

I would appreciate any help and support you may be able to give me. Please share this information with your quilting friends and associates. Too much data will be a happy problem. Thanks so much.


If you want to contact Peg directly, just let me know and I'll give you her contact information. I don't want to publish her personal information on the internet!

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