Friday, December 5, 2008

3D Boxes for QuiltDad

Well, actually, this is from Bonnie's BoxyStars pattern at Quiltville.

But because John (Quilt Dad) doesn't care for stars, and is doing a quilt out of oriental fabric that just calls for nice clean lines, I decided to make him the 3D boxes.

Now, I am a little obsessive about not wasting fabrics so I saved those little corners to make some Half-Square Triangles.

In the picture above and below, I actually made the seams a little TOO close so I had to re-do that one. (I noticed it when I took the picture)

Here is what the block looks like before I trim off my HSTs. I sew across, then turn it around, move my fabric over by 1/4 inch and then sew again.

And finally, three 3D box squares and 6 bonus Half-Square Triangles!

I hope John likes them!


John said...

I don't like them ... ... ... I LOVE them! Heh heh! Thanks so much ... they look great. And I'm happy to take those HST's off of your hands! : )

Pat said...

This one is on my list of 'To DO'! I was going to do red/blue boxes and white cornerstones. The Oriental fabric is really bringing the pattern to life.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Rhonda said...

Okay, you've got me hooked. I've never seen this design before. I've got to try it out. Thanks for the tutorial.
Take care.

FabricMom said...

Those blocks are great. "I love the fabric too.

Shanna said...

Love the fabric! The gold is very rich. I am sure he will love it!