Thursday, March 3, 2011

#1 is Next.

Has it been cold where you are? It's been cold here.  Last week we had a snowy front pass through.

At my house we have a duel heating system, with a furnace upstairs for those rooms and a funace downstairs for the rest of the house. The only problem is, the funace upstairs is about a million years old, give or take a year of two. Because it's usually very mild here in Washington, and because the furnace isn't ideal to run, we opted to just turn it off. That has worked for the last year.

It was so cold, my son asked for an extra blanket on his bed. Since everyone else felt the same way, we were short on blankets. It was so cold my boy didn't even mind sleeping under a pink and green blanket.

I think it's time to finish up my UFO #1. It's a Robot quilt for my son's bed. And with a bit of re-shuffling, it's also the next quilt in Patchwork Times' UFO Challenge.

Here is how the quilt started:

It's a bit futher than the above (poorly photographed) slabs of fabric. But my goal for this quilt is not to end in a flimsy, as before projects. This quilt must be done in time for the Spring Thaw!

But that's not my only project this month! I'm also hosting a Scraptacular Quilt-A-Long HERE. Just three blocks a day, as my Sew-Between project, and at the end of the month results in a nice sized throw with border or baby quilt without border!

Here are the scraptacular quilt blocks I made today.

Come quilt-a-long with us!


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