Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Few of the Pre-School Quilts

I've only finished a few of the quilts for the pre-school class.

It was a lot of fun working in the classroom. I started out during circle time, and showed several small examples of different types of quilts ~ they were all lap sized quilts that belong to my son.

Then I sat in the corner and became one of the "centers." Two to three kids at a time, they picked out their strips, and two corner squares per block.

They watched me sew their squares together. I wanted each one to see the top of one of their squares get finished.

Despite the fact that it's taking a little longer than I expected, this is a REALLY fun project for me. I really enjoy working with kids and doing these types of projects.

I know I came across rather 'whiny' in my last post and I didn't mean to. I think I was just a little stressed, I didn't have enough fabric and was running out of money. I don't have a huge stash, and I really wanted as many of the fabrics to be 'kid friendly' as possible.

These are small little quilts, about 14 inches by 28 inches. I told the kids they would be making 'Car Quilts'. Just the perfect size to cover a child's lap on a chilly winter day.

On one square I had the child write their name and draw a picture with fabric pens. On the other square I had the children choose shapes for me to applique on the fabric of their choice.

Oh yeah, also, I've got my first commissioned project. I've been commissioned to make a lady in Seattle a Queen sized quilt. I'll take some pictures of the fabrics I'm using for that soon. I promised her she would be able to follow along with the construction of the quilt on my blog.




Miri said...

Dionne the kids' quilts are going to be fantastic! Sewing in front of them is wonderful! and adding their drawn blocks was a great idea! I taught 3rd to 5th graders sewing in an after school program for years and it was alot of fun.

Congrats on the commission!

belinda said...

These are just 'darling' Dionne....I find that children are some of the most excited and appreciative of quilty goodness! You should get SEVERAL gold stars!!

Jane Moxey said...

What a lovely project with the little kids. Did you cut out all the applique shapes for them to choose? It looks like you're doing machine applique to stitch them down! Yay for you:) And way to go to get a commission for a queen-sized quilt!!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Those could not be any cuter, you did it the right way. I did it where each made a square and I made a quilt for the classroom, when my daughter left they offered it to me, but it was for the school. Now I really wish I had her block. you are so kind to do this and they are just darling!!

YankeeQuilter said...

These look wonderful...a major challenge but I am sure the kids appreciate it! (and love the scottie dog applique!)

Eileen said...

I think your school quilts you make with the lids are just so wonderful.
And can't wait to follow along with your new quilt too. :-)

Sharon said...

It's so wonderful of you to do this! And the kids will love them, 'specially since they watched them get sewn. Who knows? Maybe some future quilters!

Dr. Quiltmom said...

Great Job! They are so cute. The kids will cherish them forever.

wonderwoman said...

they are all lovely and i think you are doing amazingly lovely thing!!


audreypawdrey said...

They are going to be wonderful! It is so neat that they get to be involved in the process in so many ways from picking out the fabric to watching it get sewn together and drawing their own masterpiece for the center.

Congratulations on the commission! That is exciting news!

Anonymous said...

What a fun project. I'm sure the kids loved it.