Monday, June 29, 2009

The Queen of Quilting

Yes, it's true! I have officially been named the Queen of Quilting by none other than Pat Sloan herself! I was even bequeathed a CROWN!

My crown also came with a wonderful box of goodies! FOUR cuts of fabric (I think I was only supposed to get one ~ how awesome is that!) PLUS an autographed book by Pat Sloan, my crown (of course) AND a wonderfully summery and festive hawaiian centerpiece, which we are keeping on the table in our kitchen so we can see it when we have our family meals!

You may remember, I was participating in one of Pat's Quilty Games (hosted at Death By Quilting: The Cabana Boy Challenge.

And I was planning on posting an elaborate death scene, where I was killed by a lethal but beautiful 'quilty' weapon.

However, wonder of wonders, I actually WON!! (so you will all be spared my very amateur and dramatic video efforts)

First I completed my first "weapon" and mailed it on to an "Agent" in Alaska. We had a pattern and a kit, to which we added both fabric and creativity. In this first weapon, I adhered strictly to the pattern guidelines and used both the supplied fabrics as much as possible.

I used the 'Cabana' panel as my label. I thought the label turned out really cute. It's a great and summery panel and very fitting for the challenge.

Then I finished a second "weapon", that was mailed to me in-progress. This is also a very fun and summery "interpretation"

The pattern is followed closely, but the fabrics were used minimally. I love how the original 'Agent' used the Cabana panel on the front of the quilt. I mailed this finished 'weapon' on to my second "kill" in Florida.

And finally, after a glorious win, and the obligatory victory dance in which my entire family chanted "Queen of Quilting" to me, I received my final "weapon" this one also is in-progress and I show it to you here in the state I received it. ALMOST completed, basting still in place. I can't wait to finish this one as well, as this one I get to keep. The original 'Agent' on this 'weapon' had a really fun interpretation of the pattern and also used the cabana panel on the front of the quilt. I love that. She also used the beautiful blue fabric supplied in the kit, very liberally.

This was such a fun challenge, I hope I'll be able to play along in the next round.

Also, I wanted to make a full-size version of the 'Cabana' pattern as a beach blanket, or a summery picnic blanket and what did Pat Sloan do? In between the taping of a segment of 'Quilt Out Loud' she found the fabrics, and made them available to me on her website!





Miri said...

Congradulations dear Queen!

What a fun challenge...I just love how the same pattern looked so different (its why I like quilting so much, I think!)

YankeeQuilter said...

How cool is that your highness! Love the quilt blocks.

Dr. Quiltmom said...

Queen of quilting! wow how fun for you. I am so proud to "know" you. congratulations.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

All I can say is that I am EXTREMELY Jealous! I want to be the queen. Well if I can't be then I'm glad you are Dionne.

sweetbabies00 said...

Congrats! I saw your video asking her to have another DBQ and I followed along and saw the next video with you receiving your package... it's been very entertaining!
Have fun with your crown!

wonderwoman said...

Yay,!!! Congrats to you and very well deserved!!!


belinda said...

First....I 'curtsy' to the Queen.....and then I bow...."I'm
not worthy....I'm not worthy"..!!!

Anonymous said...

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