Thursday, July 2, 2009

One Quarter of the Way Done?

Here are the latest blocks on the ATWQS quilts I'm working on.

The first one has a bunch of "state" blocks, done in several locally inspired fabrics.

I did one of the trees in a fabric that has Washington postcards in greens and blues against an apple tree background. Then I bordered it with fabric from last years Western Washington Shop Hop. It has subtle images ~ the state bird, the state flower, year we were granted statehood etc.

I think these blocks look nice together. The overall quilt will have a nice eclectic look to it!

The next block is a 'liberated cottage' in the style of Gwen Marsten. I like this house on a hill, with flowers in the garden and butterflies in the sky.

Don't you think the neighborhood is coming along nicely?

It looks like my house on the hill block is WAY too big, but really it's not. I had to make it a little larger to get the effect of the hill and then chose not to trim it!



Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I love your blocks and now the quilts are with me. what to do, what to do!!!


the houses are great. I forsee a great quilt in the making!!!

True Blue Nana said...

Great trees and houses. I love the effect of the "house on the hill", very creative.

YankeeQuilter said...

"house on the hill" is part of a lyric and I can't come up with the is killing me! Fun quilt though!

wonderwoman said...

those blocks look amazing!!! can't wait til they come to me!!! hope i can deliver the goods!!!


Sharon said...

Your blocks are looking great! Love the Washington trees one!