Friday, July 17, 2009

Red Onion Class with Karla Alexander

I'm back from my trip to Sisters, Oregon.

It was a marvelous family vacation actually, we stayed at a golf resort in a nearby town and there was plenty to do for my husband, my teenage daughter as well as for my younger children. And of course, I was in hog heaven!

On Monday I had the only class I took during the week. It was with Karla Alexander. Although she has written many wonderful books, the one that we worked from was Stack a New Deck: More Great Quilts in 4 Easy Steps

Her example was done in Batiks of deep purples, taupes and light greens. My photograph really doesn't do this quilt justice at all!

Karla had so many helpful examples and handouts, that this class turned out to be one of my most successful classes ever! I was really excited about all the great tips and tricks I learned in addition to the actual technique she was teaching.

Not only that, she was a real
interactive teacher. She even took her shoes off and got on the floor with one attendees blocks and really worked one on one with us! It was a brilliant class.

I also wanted to give you a little taste of how different all our work was.
Everyone in the class chose to work with batiks, but I think this quilt would look just as nice in a variety of different fabrics.
I chose all teals and chocolate browns. I was the only one of all the students who worked in a light/dark pattern, similair to the way the example quilt was designed. My
squares are in the first photo of the student work, lower left corner. I only have five squares up at this point. I later took all my squares off the design wall to give other students more space. I knew I wouldn't be finishing my top that day.



PS - Kristen you'll have to wait for your pics!

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amandajean said...

looks like an amazing class!