Friday, July 31, 2009

Progress on the Batik Spice Market

I mentioned earlier that I'm doing a commissioned quilt for a woman named Kristen in Seattle.

The pattern is called Spice Market and the whole thing is going to be done in some really spectacular batiks that she carefully chose at the local quilt shop.

I've only made a few really large quilts - less than a dozen, and never in Batiks!

I finished cutting out the fabric and I started on the sewing when I discovered that the half-square triangles, of which there are MANY, are a very odd size. I don't know why I didn't thoroughly read the pattern before I committed to a time frame.

So here I am marking each and every HST by hand before I am able to stitch it. Wow, that's time consuming.

I originally promised this quilt by the end of the summer, but it's been rather slow going so now I'm looking at something closer to the end of September.

Fortunately, Kristen was very understanding about the situation.

Of course my son reminded me this weekend that I promised to make him a Robot quilt for his new Big Boy bed ~ leave it to the kids to NEVER ever forget.




YankeeQuilter said...

Oh the robot quilt a pattern or does he want robot fabric? or is it he just want another quilt?! amazing what they remember....


great colors. can't wait to see more!

Tricia said...

Love those batiks, can't wait to see it all together...(no pressure ;))!
Thanks for your sweet comments about the quilt and car it was a fun trip to take...we actually went through sisters and my MIL was asking about the Geisha quilt...I am thinking the one on your blog is it...we unfortunately were there the week after the quilt show...just my bad luck!
I really like that swajp quilt also, was it hanging in the sisters quilt show also???
Well good luck with your projects! We all need another 8 hours a day just for sewing

Sara said...

I love batiks, those look great together! I am sure you will do fine with it and I can't wait to see it finished!

Dr. Quiltmom said...

It's a good thing that quilting is fun!

Wendi said...

I love batiks!! Cant wait to see the finished project:)

Miri said...

I think its a rule:).. commissions always have unseen (and often unheard of) problems! Its good you have some flexibility time wise.

wonderwoman said...

looking good!


Micki said...

I love batiks and you picked out some beuts!