Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quilting Stars All Around - An Introduction

I really think that the heart of our wonderful quilting community is.... QUILTERS! I know, that's a bit obvious, but I don't mean all the 'famous' quilters we watch, read and buy from. It's us, you and me, who:

  • make more quilts than we could ever use,

  • have even more unfinished projects in our cupboards,

  • spend our spare moments

    • stitching, and
    • ironing fabric that we've washed, and
    • folding our freshly ironed fabric, and
    • then un-folding it, ironing it, cutting it, stitching it, only to:
    • iron and stitch it some more!

  • we read magazines about it, talk about it with our friends, join guilds to talk and do some more, listen to podcasts about it, then read and write blogs so we can talk and learn even more!

  • Many make some extra money teaching, doing long-arm quilting, or more. Lots more don't make money, but... do our part to help support our economy ... with our fabulous habits.

  • Well, this list goes on and on about all the things we do in our pursuit of the fabric arts.

There are a lot of sources out there that gives us the opportunity to listen to interviews of the famous, semi-famous, or up-and-coming quilting artists. I want to hear more about us. And I figure, if I want to hear more about us, then maybe YOU want to hear more about us too!

So once a month I'm going to feature someone on my Quilting Stars All Around Report. I will model this interview just like I am Katie Couric (well, no, I don't like her) so like I am Annie Smith and you are Alex Anderson!

NOTE: I just received this wonderful comment that I really wanted to share with everyone! It's from Gina:

Dionne, please add to your list:- You QUILTERS also INSPIRE people, from all corners of the world!I am a beginner and am learning a little bit everyday... so a big Thank you.


audreypawdrey said...

This sounds like a great idea! I am looking forward to all the resources that you find and all the information you dig up!:)

Gina said...

Dionne, please add to your list:
- You QUILTERS also INSPIRE people, from all corners of the world!
I am a beginner and am learning a little bit everyday... so a big Thank you.

True Blue Nana said...

Wonderful idea. I learn so much from other bloggers, it is amazing. I get inspiration, motivation, fresh ideas and support. And yes we all spend a lot of time thinking about and handling fabric.

Shanna said...

You know, the blogging community is the only source I have of others who love to quilt. I do not have a guild or quilt shop around and none of my friends quilt. It is nice to be able to connect with other quilters online and see their projects and be inspired by stories. This is a great idea Dionne!

Jane Moxey said...

You are on fire this morning, Dionne! In the past two days I have been reading blogs from all over the world and yes it IS inspiring. International fabric fondlers - that's what we are:)

YankeeQuilter said...

Sounds like a fun project! Blogs really are a new way of quilters reaching out and getting new ideas.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Sounds like a great idea!!!! Can't wait to read the posts.


wonderwoman said...

that is a great idea - i find that other quilters are a great source of inspiration and wonder and also extremely generous with their help and advice.