Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Calendar Quilt '09 ~ Week One

This project started out as my son bringing me scraps from my 'crumbs' canister. This is a canister I keep of pieces too small to cut into a scrap, but too big to throw away. Anything too small for the crumbs canister goes into a pillowcase, which I fill up and then turn into a cat bed.

So My little guy (currently five years old) would rummage through this cannister, while I have it out. He bring bits of fabric to me that he likes and tells me he wants this bit or that bit to be in his quilt.

Usually I just smile and nod then put the bits of fabric back in the canister. But around the time he was getting wise, I read about a technique from Pat Sloan's 'My Favorite Techniques' and decided that this will be my sew-between. (the leaders and enders that I stitch at the begining and end of all my chain stitching). I loved the look of it and Rachel has set up a special blog just for those of us that are doing this Calendar Quilt.

So I take each of the pieces, picked out by my little guy, and sew them together until they make a long enough strip. Each strip becomes a day, and then I make a brick for every week. I don't know how it will turn out, because this project is being directed by a five year old boy. However, here is the brick we came up with after our first week on this project!

Now I do realize that this is the first project I've added to my list for the new year, but I feel ok about it because I've already finished one project! And actually, he picked out the 'Woodsy Center' from my UFO list and wanted that to be the back of his quilt... so there you go, it all works out well!

So, what do you think? Want to quilt a long with us?


audreypawdrey said...

This looks like so much fun and it is a pace I can handle. I plan on trying to use up my stash strips that I couldn't toss. I emailed the organizer so hopefully I can join too!

I think this will turn out beautifully. It seems to be a quilt that lends itself to scrappiness and he will love that he picked out all of the fabrics. It is such a neat way to share your love of fabric and quilting with your son. Thanks so much for sharing this!

The Bairn said...

Rumour has it your husband has a project for you. I think I heard him mention, once or twice, that he would like a Scotland quilt. Anyway, thought I'd pass that along.

Quilt Pixie said...

what a wonderful way for your son to feel included in the making of this quilt :-)

Gina said...

I am impressed! How resourceful you are, even the tiny bits goes to a cat bed.
Wonderful idea including your little man on this project, I am sure your 5 yo son will turn out a better quilter than me...

Finn said...

Hi Dionne, I love your beginning for the calendar quilt project and especially your 'crumbs' idea which involves your son, what a neat thing!!
With your strip sewing...if it seems like they want to curve as you go..consider adding the new strip on alternate sides to elimately that curving. It seems to happen no matter what length of strip you are sewing. I had a friend who did a whole bed quilt,large, always adding to the same side. When she showed it to me, it was to ask "how could she get it to un-curve". Answer, once it does, you can't. But the alternating works. Good luck and what great fun!! Hugs, Finn

Libby said...

Great project with your son. It will be so special!