Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank You Cheryl

What is that phrase... 'Ask and ye shall receive.'

Well I had this very old UFO - my very big Kaleidescope Quilt (to read the sad tale about this and my other UFOMs CLICK HERE)

I 're-discovered' this project but my work came to a complete stop because I had lost a very critical piece of equipment! I asked for help finding this 45 degree angle ruler, which was not to be found anywhere around me.

Cheryl came to my rescue! She saw the very ruler that I needed, at a Ben Franklin several states away. I looked at all the Ben Franklin's in my area, but they didn't have any! But fortunately, the Ben Franklin Cheryl referred me to was willing to send me the ruler!

Yahoo! This King Size Kaleidescope Quilt is back on the Active list!

A big thank you to Cheryl! Check out her blog at Cheryl's Chatelaine


Rhonda said...

Blogging friends are really great!

Shanna said...

Yay!! That is such a pretty quilt too, I can't wait to see it finished!!