Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Quilty Podcast ~ Within a Quarter Inch

So the latest podcast I've listened to is Within a Quarter Inch.

Let me just start by saying this podcast was definitely not what I expected. I started with Episode 30 (?) I think ( it wasn't numbered) and sat and listened through to episodes 31, 33 and 34 in one sitting (or drive rather) and then finally episode 35.

The podcasts I have listened to in the past, Rosie in San Diego and Alex Anderson, etc. are all done in a very polished style. Alison hosts this podcast in a very casual, chatty style. If you want all quilts and quilty topics, this is not the podcast for you. Alison talks about her quilting, her twins, her husband, how chilly her basement is and any number of other topics that pop into her brain as she is recording her podcast.

However, even if you don't like this style (which I do) if you stick with it, you will get sort of inundated in her world. She talked about moving to a new state where she doesn't know anyone and missing her friends (Boy can I relate to that!) and after two podcasts, she talked about some health problems with her little boy, and I have to say I was almost in tears myself just thinking about it.

So, when listening to Alison's podcast, imagine you are having lunch with a friend, and at the end of the lunch your friend chatted at you for a half an hour and you didn't get a word in edgewise, but you had a wonderful time anyhow. That is what listening to Alison's podcast is like!

Now, evidently, someone had given her some feedback, something along the lines of she doesn't stop talking until someone tells her too. Which I find to be very strange feedback ~ maybe that listner doesn't understand the concept of a podcast, because actually, the format of a podcast is that you and I, the listeners, can't speak to her, we are listening after the fact. Now, when Alex Anderson does her podcast, she speaks for the duration of the podcast until she is done and no one else says a word. So I wonder, if that listener feels the same way about Ms. Anderson's podcast as she does about Alison's? If so, than Alison is in good company!

Anyhow, in Episode 35, Alison talks about Bonnie's new book (buy it direct at her website or on Amazon). Now anyone that reads my blog regularly knows that I really enjoy Bonnies patterns and so it was interesting listening to someone giving an assessment of her book that has never heard of Bonnie before.

The podcast website is

I do wish her website had more pictures (never enough pics), and an easy to find link to her Etsy shop would be helpful I think to people interested in taking a look. Her Etsy shop is also called Within a Quarter Inch.

UPDATE - Alright, I may be a complete dork because if you do go to Alison's site, she has a tab that says (Quite clearly) 'So... What's for Sale?' But the above link I provided, will also get you to her Etsy shop!

You can subscribe to her podcast at the iTunes store for free.

Within A Quarter Inch: I Highly Recommend

I thoroughly enjoyed her friendly casual style.


Quilt Pixie said...

thanks for the link -- within a quater inch fits me better than the more formal podcasts

audreypawdrey said...

Thanks for providing the link and the review! I will definitely check it out. It sounds really interesting!

Nanci said...

Thanks for the link.
You provided lots of info too.