Thursday, January 22, 2009

Come See Ricky and Alex with me!!

Calling all quilters in the general Pacific Northwest!

On Aug 20-22, 2009 - Lynnwood, WA
Lynnwood Convention Center

Lynnwood, WA

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

What is a Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar?
Well, imagine...

•Not missing out because you wereput on the waiting list.
•Not having to gather items for a class supply list
•Not having to haul a sewing machine to class
•Not worrying about irons blowing power circuits
•Not having to measure, cut, or sew in a tiny, shared table space.
•Not fretting that you brought the wrong fabrics for the project.
•Not feeling the pressure of keeping up with your neighbor.

The seminar registration fee includes entry to all sessions, the seminar syllabus, the quilt show of award-winning quilts by the presenters, the Ricky Tims' concert, and the opportunity for chatting and autographs with Ricky, Alex, and Libby.

Okay, so why am I presenting this little commercial? Well, it's really for self-serving purposes actually. If I can pull 10 people together, we can get a significant discount on the tickets!

If you are interested in joining us, we have about 4 people already, just send me a private email and we'll send in all our applications together.

Absolutely everyone I know that has gone to this seminar has said it is WELL WORTH IT!

Here is the link for more information:


YankeeQuilter said...

Ricky taught at my guild several years ago...really fun. I would go again if it were on the east coast!

Roberta said...

This is definitely well worth the money. I went to one of these seminars last year and it was the best money I ever spent on anything to do with quilting. Ricky is the rock star of quilting! You're sure to have the time of your life!!!

Christina said...

I want to go on a Saturday and I live in Tacoma.

thank you for doing this, I'll post a link to this on my blog.