Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm an Annie's Stash Winner!

Wow! Talk about a lucky streak!

Annie Smith of Annie's Quilt Stash had a giveaway that she announced in episode 141

Annie announced the winners in episode 154 there are 11 winners in all!

What did I win? This beautiful book, Teapots 2 to Applique by Kay Mackenzie.

I have been resisting learning applique for years. I enjoy applique quilts, but the idea of attempting an applique project makes me nervous! I guess this is my little nudge to learn how to applique. Pretty apt because I LOVE teapots, and everything tea!


audreypawdrey said...

Congratulations! That looks like a great book and you will learn a new skill, too. I need to learn how to applique but the idea makes me nervous somehow. Maybe we can overcome our anxiety together!

Jane Moxey said...

How super! Looks like a perfect opportunity for you to have a go at fuse applique-ing this darling teapot!! Just remember to reverse the pattern if you trace it onto the back of Pellon Wonder Under paper backed fusible stuff!! (That is if you care that the handle and spout turn out looking just like the pattern!) I'm with you about everything tea! If your sewing machine has a buttonhole stitch, that would look nice around the fused edges!

Eileen said...

Oh man! I have been LOOKING at ordering this pattern. Let me know if it's good!

I was tagged earlier last week.. so if you'd like to play along, I tagged you too.. it's the eight random things one. If not.. that's perfectly fine.. no obligation. But it would be fun heairng more about you.

Micki said...

Congratulations!That is a lovely prize and you should have so much fun making something from the book.

wonderwoman said...

oooh - i'm with you on the tea thing! love a nice cuppa! congrats onthe win!¬


Shanna said...

Congratulations!! I love to win things!! I have the same feelings about applique. Love to look at it, scared to try it. It just seems like it would take such a long time to put together! Can't wait to see the teapots you make!!

Kay Mackenzie said...

Hi Dionne! I'm Kay Mackenzie and that's my Teapots book you've won. Congratulations! I just want to say that the instructions in the book are for back-basting hand appliqué, but you can definitely use any form of appliqué that you like! I myself do a fair amount of raw-edge fusible machine appliqué and it's great too! Have fun with the teapots!