Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Day in [my] life...

This has been auto-posted by my blog-bot. Cheers, Dionne

This might be a little off topic. Off quilting-topic that is! But here is a little peak into my typical day (when I'm not on a vacay)!

wake up call (nature sounds alarm clock, birds chirping)

usually out of bed and getting ready for the day (take shower, get dressed etc)

If I'm lucky I have 15mins of sewing and some blog time!

wake up oldest child, then I'm downstairs cooking breakfast. (Oldest likes eggs, middle and youngest like vegetarian sausage with syrup ~ so it's eggs and [veggie] sausage for all) Or maybe pancakes if I haven't been to the store lately.

Wake up rest of the children and make lunches. Remind the kids not to forget their lunches, homework, coats/jackets, martial arts uniforms etc.

kisses goodbye, remind oldest child NOT TO MISS THE BUS! (Daddy does getting the kids to school most days ~ if he doesn't you don't even want to see my morning)

I'm at work. Yes, I'm a working mom.

Off work and ready to make the rounds. From 3pm to 6pm ( 7pm on Wed/Fri) it's a whirlwind of driving pickup from tutorial, pickup from school, drop off at swim practice, drop off at Martial arts, pick up from swim practice, pickup from martial arts ~ during soccer season it's more.

Make and eat dinner (I insist on family dinners, even if they get late). Then it’s dishes and homework. Of course, followed by bath time and story time (love reading them those chapter books! Phantom Tollbooth is brilliant!)

PS - We don't usually eat pizza, but we did in this photograph, which I took standing over my kids, looking down!

It's bedtime, but somehow it never really happens on time!

if I'm lucky, sometimes later: If hubby is away for school/work/soccer etc, It's all sewing time for me until I nod off to bed. When he's home, I try to spend time together because the weekends are usually another family filled blur of activities!


Jane Moxey said...

Whew -- busy girl. I hope your vacation is fun!

audreypawdrey said...

You are super busy! I hope you are enjoying your vacation and taking time to just relax!

True Blue Nana said...

I remember those days. Don't give up on the family dinners no matter how difficult it is to get everyone together. My grown up kids still talk and laugh about times around the table.

Nanci said...

Ok let me see here.. there are two of you right? OMG, I am so glad that those crazy days are behind me!
Enjoy your vacation!

Lisa Boyer said...

YOU are a busy woman! I haven't seen 5 am in a loooong time. What's it like? Still dark? Meh...never mind...I don't miss it all that much.

Hope you're having fun on your trip!

Micki said...

Boy you look busy! Hope you are having a good time!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I remember those days - and I remember being tired all the time! I love retirement. :) blessings, marlene