Friday, February 27, 2009

I guess in all the hustle of my trip, I forgot to post pictures of the last few blocks I made for this swap.

These seven blocks were the last I made and mailed out before I left on my trip.

The swap is over now and it was lots of fun working with such a variety of fabrics.

It was also fun seeing how each participant interpreted the fabrics and came up with unique blocks.

I primarily stayed with just a few patterns, but still each block came out so unique. That was very interesting to me as well.

Six of these were meant to be Bonnie's boxy star pattern. But the Batik block I made rather late at night and for some reason I put the four parts together wrong. I really liked the look of it though and so it stayed.

The last block was the pineapple blossom, she had several different fabrics to use and I tried to stay within the theme of the rest of her blocks. It should fit in with her quilt top nicely.

I'll try to make a picture mosaic of all the blocks together if I can.



Dr. Quiltmom said...

Glad you are home safely and hope you had a great trip. I am amazed at the different looks one block can have with just a color change. You are an artist!

Jan said...

It just proves how versatile ,these quilts can be ,thankyou for sharing ,, Jan xx

Clare W said...

It's a very interesting project. Keep it up!

Libby said...

This block (mine) is one of my favorites. Thanks again!

Sharifah said...

hi dione... tq for visiting my blog... im just an amature...

your blog realy get me going... i i like the bunch of block u post here.. very temting to do

ok see u later.

Anonymous said...

WOW...does color and pattern and shades really make a difference! Good examples.