Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finally.... I'm Back!

Actually, I got home on Monday morning at 6am and I was SLEEPY!

Then we came home to a mountain of mail, a pile of school work, work work, house work and any other kind of work you can think of! Except gardening. We have a very low maintenance yard, thankfully.

Well, one of the things I came home to were several more blocks on my Lap Quilt Swap IV project.

So I whipped up a few sashing strips and put them up on my design wall:

What do you think?

The pictures aren't all that great, but I was using the camera on my phone because I left my camera at a t-shirt shop on our trip! I had the chance to visit a fabric store while I was away and when my camera arrives safe and sound in the post, I'll put the picture on my blog.



Krista said...

The colors are all beautiful even with a blurry picture! I can't wait to see the finished project. BTW, I am having a giveaway this week to celebrate my 1st year blog birthday. Come by and enter.

Rita said...

wow! it looks great with sashing and the on point setting!! look, it's the block I made you! your final quilt is goin to look spectacular!

Lauralness said...

That is looking really good! I like the point setting too.

Tricia and Aimee said...

I like the fun!

belinda said...

What do I think???..It's marvelous!

So glad you are home safe and sound!!

Nanci said...

Oh, and you weren't even rested and you produced that? Amazing. I gotta stay up late and see if I can do that too.
Wonderful colours.

Micki said...

I love it, especially the colours that you used.

SandyB said...

I knew when I got your fabric this quilt would be special. Love it set on point.

Shanna said...

I love what you're doing so far!! The blocks are beautiful and look great on point with the striped sashing!! usual :o)

Mark Lipinski said...

Love the color choices and the stars! xoxom