Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb - UFO Report

Because I've accomplished very little since my last report, I'm going to make this rather abbreviated:

    Number of Projects at Start: 24
    Number of Project Completed*: 4
    Number of Projects Added: 6
    Number of Projects Unfinished: 26

    * Completed here means finished, re-purposed or gifted.

    Progress This Month:

  • Botanical Shop Hop Quilt - Progress: I got this far:

    Then I stalled, I don't like the blue blocks. I'm not sure what to do, but it will probably involve a lot of time with my stitch ripper.

  • Old Tobacco Road - This is my 'Sew-Between' project. I keep it in a handy basket by my machine and everytime I come to the end of a chain of stiching, I sew a pinwheel together, or a 1.5" Half-square triangle. I love using Bonnie Hunter's Ender/Leader technique. My progress is slow, but steady.

  • Marissa Pinwheels - This is a pattern from Roxanne Carter I am using fabrics from Moda's Marissa line, it was going to be for my MIL, but I made her something else. I think I might have worked on this for about 10 minutes this month! LOL

  • Lap Quilt Swap IV

  • Gabriella's Baby Quilt My cousin had her new little baby girl. Gabriella is ADORABLE, so I HAD to start a baby quilt for her! Unfortunately my camera still isn't back from vacation, so I don't have a picture.


    Sara said...

    Great progress, and you can never have enough projects going at once. I really like the lap swap quilt. And the first one - get rid of those large blue blocks - what if you just took those out and made it a smaller quilt? Just a suggestion. By the way I love all the blocks in your previous post!

    Jan said...

    I love to see pictures of your projects ,Thankyou for Jan xx,

    Lisa Boyer said...

    I think I've told you this before (?), but this is such a great thing to do! I think it helps re-evaluate projects and prevent them from being stuck in a dusty corner somewhere, destined to be a UFO forever.

    On a different note, I sort of like the blue blocks--perhaps it looks different to you in person...cameras don't often reflect true colors, and tends to subdue prints. But it looks good from here!

    Micki said...

    Before you know it, you will catch up with your projects! I loved seeing all of the pics!

    YankeeQuilter said...

    Not much progress aye? Great pics...

    Lauralness said...

    Congrats on your finishes! I like your sew between project concept. I might try that.

    wonderwoman said...

    your list makes me smile - i love how you end up with more than you started with! i do the same!


    StitchinByTheLake said...

    Progress is progress Dionne, even if it's small. And at least you counted your UFOs - I haven't had the nerve to do that! blessings, marlene

    audreypawdrey said...

    I think you are moving right along! This is such a great way to keep projects moving forward by being aware of where you are in the process. I enjoy seeing your progress. The Lap Quilt Swap quilt is looking beautiful!