Tuesday, September 9, 2008

YAHOO! I'm a Winner!!

Yes, it's true. I won! I can't believe my good fortune.

Perhaps you heard me whining (click here to read post) about how much I loved my swap block and didn't want to send it away. But, of course I did the right thing and sent the block away.

Well, the day after my birthday I went to the mailbox to find a big envelope full of blocks (mine included), a yard of fabric and a lovely letter, I had WON!!

If you aren't familair with Stichin' Post's Monthly challenge, here how it goes: Every month, instructions are sent out along with a piece of fabric for you to create a block with the addition of your own fabric. Send it back to The Stitchin' Post before the end of the month and your block is entered for a drawing. Each winner receives 20 blocks. I think potentially you could go the whole year without winning. (But not me -- big grin)

I put them all out on my floor (didn't even want to wait to clear my design wall) It really looks nice. Although I was thinking I might lay them all out on-point with sashing. These blocks are pretty big. I didn't measure but I think they are 16 inches, and I got 20 of them.



audreypawdrey said...

These are fabulous and congratulations! Woohoot for you! It was time that karma worked the other way for you and produced blocks for you to replace all the ones that missing. :)

Tamara said...

They are stunning. Your luck is oozing out. I want some:)I love them how you have them laid out. Have fun.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh wow. That is lovely. Lucky you!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Lucky you, Congrats they are going to be lovely.

wonderwoman said...

wow, lucky, that will make a lovely quilt - what a great idea.


Eileen said...

What an awesome birthday gift! They look terrific. Can't wait to see how you put them together.

Robyn said...

Hey girl...congratulations!!
Wooohoo...gotta love winning stuff :c)
Your blocks look lovely!!
BTW, I wanted to say thanks for dropping by my blog and saying hi and commenting on my DS finished quilt!!
I appreciate it very much!!
Have a great day!!
Robyn xx

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased you won. To win back your favourite block is just too cool!

swooze said...

That is beautiful. Great fall quilt.

paula, the quilter said...

All I can say is WOW! That is going to make a very striking quilt.