Monday, September 8, 2008

Christmas Swap SPOILER - (Don't Look Emma)

Well, I've been blocked on my Mystery Quilt. I'm trying hard not to be good and spoil the design by looking ahead (because of course, the mystery moves on... even when I don't).

So I mailed off my 'Christmas Bauble' Square to Great Britain.

I hope Emma likes it!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a darling christmas ball. I love it.

Joanna said...

Love the ornament! I am commenting here because I didn't have your email to reply:) Sooooo glad I made your hubby nostalgic! I know the feeling well! Mmmm ham and egg - that would be wonderful too:) You see, he and I, both part of the commonwealth - and I have strong scottish blood in me:) In fact all the girls in my family say to my Mum, "gee thanks for our canckles" and she says, "They're just good Scottish ankles" LOL!!!

Darlajune said...

Nice Christmas block. Do you still have the directions for this block? This would be a good one for our guild's monthly raffle block.

Messy Karen said...

i luv this block. & keep wondering what else is going to go with it.