Friday, September 12, 2008

Challenge Update... sadly, not sew much!

So I had mentioned earlier that I am doing Finn's Challenge to get 5 projects done by the new year. Others have chosen more, some have chosen less.

But the last few days have thrown me for a loop and I've been away from my machine, my computer and getting behind on all my work and obligations.

The teachers have been on strike now for two weeks solid and it doesn't look good. Other mothers are taking their kids to the beach and horseback riding, to the fair etc with this time. But I have been trying to homeschool my children. I must say, this is a HUGE responsibility!

I have learned a new respect for those friends of mine who take the homeschool route.

Now you might wonder why I am forcing the academics on my kids, but I believe that there is a time for playing and a time for learning. They had their summer, and a wonderful summer it was. But fall is coming on quick...

Well, that is why I haven't posted - or sewn in a few days. Just that, and nothing more. Thank you for your concern. It was REALLY SWEET to get so many emails. But nothing sinister has befallen us -- just me overwhelmed.


Tamara said...

Good for you. Home schooling is a HUGE responsibility. And it cuts into your sewing time.

belinda said...

I GREATLY admire home-schooing moms.

And you lucky girl....what a great surprise on winning!!!!