Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mystery Update - Tragedy strikes! ... maybe

...just maybe I'm being a bit over dramatic. But it feels like a tragedy to me. I am working on the Old Tobacco Road Mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter and even though this is a scrappy quilt, I decided to control the colors a bit.

I decided to go with a nice green and blue family for parts 1 and 2. But I am using one cream fabric throughout the entire quilt.

But about half-way through the sewing and cutting on step 2, I realized ... I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH CREAM! And of course, Murphy says, I bought the last of the bolt.

Of course, it's not a flat cream easy to replace, no it's a tea-stained and ivory print. I can't do one color for more than half of the cream and then all creamy scraps for the second half. I might have gotten away with it if I hadn't finished part 1 already!

Ok, so my sewing is taking a hiatus and now I am on a fabric hunt. I'm trolling the LQSs and even the Pacific Fabrics in the area!

Wish me luck!


Darlajune said...

I just hate when that happens! Been there, done that. Hopefully you will find something you can get by with. Keep us updated.

Finn said...

Hi Dionne, I have you linked to the NYE Countdown challenge now *VBS* Happy to have you on board with us. No misery or doldrums when 37 of us are pulling towards a common goal! Hugs, Finn