Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Old Tobacco Road - Day One, Fabric Selection

I am doing Bonnie's latest Mystery Quilt called 'Old Tobacco Road'. I got a bit of a late start on this one, so I am not answering (or reading my email) in a timely manner in an effort not to spoil the surprise!

If you haven't done any of Bonnie's mysteries, they are fabulous and a lot of fun. I will be posting all of my OTR (Old Tobacco Road) related activities and pictures here.

The Basics: This will be 56" x 78" - which is bigger than a throw size. I might add the optional borders segment, and then I'll end up with a full size quilt that measures approximately 81-inches X 104-inches!

Bonnie's directions allow for both a complete scrappy look, or a more controlled scrappy look. I tend towards the controlled colors and bearing that in mind here is what I've done:

Choose two color families:

  • First in deep rusts and browns - Bonnie threw in some black for contrast, I replaced that with deep garnet.

  • Next, a color family that will not clash with your rusts. I chose greens and blues.

  • Lastly you need a selection of lights or creams. I chose not to go scrappy at all here but have one cream print that I will use throughout.

The black you see is for one of the borders. I don't know if I will only do one border or all three that she has fabric selections for.


audreypawdrey said...

What pretty colors! It completely reminds me of fall with the colors of leaves changing and the blue sky above. I should try one of her mystery quilts sometime. :)

wonderwoman said...

wow a mystery quilt - that sounds fun - your colours look great and will look forward to seeing the end result!