Friday, September 19, 2008

Christmas Ornament Pattern

Here is the pattern for the Christmas bauble, just as promised!

I've posted my grid notes, not very pretty but here are the basics:

Fabric Selection: Select 4 colors 1FQ background, 1/8th or less for ornament, ornament stripe, and a scrap of gold or silver for the "hanger"

Cut Background Fabric: 4 - 2.5 inch squares, 2 - 2.5x12.5 inch strips, 1 - 2.5x8.5 inch strip, 2 - 3.5x2.5 inch brick, 1 - 2.5x1.5 inch brick

Cut Ornament Fabric: 2 - 8.5x3.5 inch bricks

Cut Ornament Stripe Fabric: 1 - 8.5x2.5 inch brick

Cut Ornament hanger: 1 - 2.5x1.5 inch brick

Step One: Sew 2.5x1.5 background fabric to 2.5x1.5 hanger fabric top to bottom. Sew 3.5x2.5 bricks to either side of the hanger brick.

Step Two: Sew two 8.5x3.5 Ornament bricks to 8.5x2.5 Ornament stripe brick

Step Three: Take the four 2.5 inch squares, place them right sides together on each corner of the ornament square. Sew across each square, corner to corner. Be sure to get this step right, make a light pencil line if necessary because this step is critical.

Step Four: Press open the four corners. Be sure this step looks like a bauble before you cut the excess fabric off the back.

Step Five: Sew the 'Hanger Brick' from step one to the 'Ornament Square' from Step four. Be sure the stripe goes horizontal in this step. Then sew the 2.5x8.5 background brick to the bottom of the ornament square.

Step Six: Sew one 2.5x12.5 inch strips to either side of the ornament. Press and enjoy!


LC said...

Very clear instructions, Dionee... which is a skill not all of us have! I might adapt this and make little two dimensional tree ornaments. What a great way to use up those holiday fabric scraps!

Thanks for your comment on my blog too.

Darlajune said...

Thanks so much, Dionne. I will send to our ladies in the guild. So kind of you to share.

belinda said...

this kind of reminds me of a japanese lantern block i've wanted to do. You seem to be sooo productive and creative. You have a great eye for colors.