Friday, December 31, 2010

2009 Challenge Review

I thought I would look back to my last UFO challenge. Two years ago I thought I would list ALL of my UFOs and tackle them one at a time. I didn't just list projects that were unfinished. I also listed projects that weren't yet started.
On that list I had 24 items! (You can see the post HERE) Of those items listed, I finished 5 quilts:
  1. Christmas Trees first quilt top,

  2. Tree of Life,

  3. Botanical Shop Hop Quilt,
  4. Disappearing 9-patch,

  5. Lap Quilt Swap IV

And I "De-commissioned" 2 more projects on the list: Woodsy Center - This became the back of another quilt, Lost Blues - this one I took apart and used the fabrics elsewhere

Another 5 of these previously listed projects I just plain never started. So I'll take them off my list until they become either projects in process or get used elsewhere.

That leaves me with only half of the original 24. But of course I've added more unfinished projects to the pile so not all of these original 12 made it too my new UFO challenge list. But that's ok, I've come to realize I will always have projects in process. Its the thrill of starting something new!

There will always be quilters who are more productive than me, with better skills and bigger fabric budgets. But I will always love my projects best, because they are mine.




Finn said...

Great post Dionne, it's not easy to talk about our less than stellar performaces. With you busy life, I think you've done very, very well. Some of those were really BIG projects! Probably UFOs will always be part of our quilting vocabulary, and that's ok with me. I hope to end 2011 with less than in 2010, but the main thing is that we keep working on it. Hugs and many wishes for a happy and healthy new year, Finn

Anonymous said...

Interesting projects.

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful. Oh, am I inspired.