Thursday, December 9, 2010

Perfect Picnic Quilt

This summer I heard a lot of talk in the cyber-quilting community about Picnic quilts. I saw all many pictures of adorable quilts and everyone was calling them Picnic quilts... Picnic Quilts?

At first I thought perhaps these were a specific kind of quilt. You know, like log cabin quilts. Or perhaps this was a reference to a technique, like applique. But looking at the pictures, these were clearly not of any specific type, style, technique, or anything I could easily group together except all being exceptional quilts.

But still, I mean, okay, really. Do people REALLY go on actual picnics? I'm talking, put a blanket on the ground and actually eat on it!

Well, yes, as it turns out, they do. I don't know about all of you out there in cyber-space, but Victoria of Bumble Beans actually showed a picture, not only of her Picnic Quilt, but also of them actually USING it... for it's intended purpose. Victoria does EVERYTHING well, and if I were a petty person, I would probably be bitter and jealous. Fortunately I don't have a petty bone in my body... not one.

Now, I was raised (partially) by a good Italian catholic family. I firmly believe in the value of mommy guilt. If you don't feel guilty about not being the best mother possible, clearly you just aren't trying hard enough. I'm not sure if this has actually improved my parenting abilities, but I am pleased to say that it has increased my Tums budget from all the heartburn it's given me. You did know that Tums is an excellent source of calcium, right? I feel I'm doing my part on the war against Osteoporosis.

Now, lets pair my love of a good quilting project with my over-active mommy-guilt complex... and voila! I have a new project. I decided to make my family a picnic blanket.
Because, being rather realistic, my children can be messy at times, I decided to use feedsack fabrics that could hide spilled foods well. That way I don't have to clean it every time we use it.
Also, I didn't want to spend too much time on it, because I have many other projects on my plate.

So I used my Accuquilt Studio (die #50222 or GO! die #55016) and made myself a quick picnic quilt!

Trouble is, it's December and not quite warm enough for a picnic. I'm never one to let minor details, such as weather, to get in the way when I'm on a mission. Especially a mission induced by a good healthy dose of mommy-guilt!

We're going to use that quilt darn it!

Yup, it's an indoor, middle of the winter, picnic!




Brenda said...

funny! and I don't feel guilty that my picnic quilt is made from denim squares recycled from old jeans, and that I BOUGHT it.

Finn said...

It's a great picnic quilt Dionne! And a really good use for those fabics!! Way to go to actually put it right to work. I think the stated purpose of a "picnic" quilt goes all the way back to the settlers. You spread out an old quilt at church gathering, get togethers and potlucks. Babies could be put down for naps, or even Dad or Granddad after they ate too much. They also were handy for outdoor concerts in the park, or outings to the beach. They really did have alot of uses, but I doubt they were made specifically for picnics..LOL, our ancestors were to frugal for that. Great job, Hugs, Finn

em's scrapbag said...

Looks like a great picnic. And the quilt is perfect.

Simply Sandy said...

I love your picnic quilt! Might even be a little scared to eat on it. But hey, it is a picnic quilt!

YankeeQuilter said...

Fun quilt...and if you making it knowing that food may be spilled on it then no worries!

Sharon said...

You know, the middle of winter is actually the best time to have a picnic - indoors! No ants, for one thing. LOL!

We used an antique quilt for a picnic quilt when I was growing up. We didn't know any better, but the thought of that makes me shudder now! I love yours!