Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some Finishes from the year.

Here are a few finishes I don't think I posted this year. It's hard to remember what I blogged about. It was a roller coaster year, and the end of last year as well. My father had so many illnesses, he was like the energizer bunny really. The end was hard for me though.

Yowza!! I didn't mean to go there! Here are a few of my finishes from the year:

This is one that was published this year, but most of the photos I took I sold the rights to in conjunction with an article I wrote this year. The picture is of my daughter with the quilt in my front yard:

This is a quilt I finished sometime this year. I can't remember when... I call it Garden Path. We use this blanket for warmth, so it sits on a random bed at our home, but not on top where it will be seen. Currently it's on my bed underneath the quilt we have on top - the one on top of my bed is one I made last year called Botanical Shop Hop Quilt. (if you follow the link to see it, you will need to scroll about half way down the post) but the one I finished this year is here:

These two pictures are of the Batik Spice Market quilt I made for a friend of mine, I did the piecing and binding, but sent out the quilting to the longarm quilter:

This quilt I finished for the daughter of a friend of mine, come to think of it, I finished a quilt for all three of her children, but it seems I only snapped a picture of this one:

This is my picnic quilt, that we've used several times, but it's never seen the out of doors! I know you've seen this before HERE:

This is the second quilt I made identical to this. I made it, then realized I sent it's twin to the same cousin's last baby. I can't have two siblings with identical baby quilts, so now it sits on my shelf without a baby to belong too:

This is the replacement quilt I made for my above mistake. This one went to baby Gavin:

This quilt went to my good friend, whom lives so far away now.

Well, that's all for now!



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Anonymous said...

Love that first picture but the last quilt is my favorite.