Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I LOVE Words!

I love words, and I love quilts, but I love word quilts most of all! Several years ago I stumbled on some tutorials posted on Bonnie Hunters website Quiltville.com -- funny that I found Bonnie's site after a google search lead me to Tonya (not the other way around)!

Since then, I've followed Tanya's blog, her challenges, her travels, her definate opinions about TV shows (Some I share, Some I don't) and the heartbreaking ailments of her adorable cat. Fortunately he came out much better in the end than my Cinder, who also suffered from kidney failure. But mostly, I followed the quilts!

I wish I could say I mastered Tanya's fabulous methods, but alas I'm just a beginner. Still, Tanya was my inspiration to push on when my results were... well, less than stellar.

I could muster up some photos of earlier works but... well, best to let sleeping dogs lie. I sure made a few dogs! But I find a photo of the block I sent to Tanya for her Eek, Slither, Boo! quilt. In the photo below you can see my son 'Howling' at the moon so to speak. He was 5 and quite happy to help me show off that block.

You can see the entire quilt HERE, well, most of the quilt anyhow.




Anonymous said...

Is there a tutorial for those great words?? Love, love the quilt!

Tonya Ricucci said...

you might be a beginner but those aren't beginner letters in your HOWL. those are really complex and you did a smashing job with them. Sorry about your Cinder kitty, but luckily Pokey continues to do really well despite the CRF.

Sharon said...

Great "howl"! And your helper is pretty cute too.