Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break is taking its toll

I always know it's coming, it happens every year. But still, I seem to get blind-sided by Spring Break every year.

I have Grand Plans ~ no, we don't go on vacation. We do the vacay thing during Winter Break (when we REALLY need a good dose of sun). But still, I have all these great plans: get the kids in some really fun classes (cooking is a particular favorite of theirs), big chunks of time sewing on projects with them (creative minds can find a fun sewing project for even a 5 yr old boy), and then huge, large glorious chunks of quilting time for ME!

But, sadly, none of those happened. I registered my kids for classes too late, they were all full. That was the pebble that started the snowball that has been my spring break.

Really though, I should back up to LAST friday. The last day of school, my daughter has an asthma attack. She is sent to the nurse, the nurse calls me. I'm home, but at certain parts of my house, my cell phone doesn't get a signal and right now all of our house phones (a set purchased together) are dying. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't; I've been meaning to replace them.

Friday, they didn't work! Or at least at 11:30am on Fri, they weren't working. Nurse is in a panic, Cricket doesn't have her inhaler, nurse doesn't have an inhaler ~ not that I would let her give my child someone elses inhaler.
An hour later I am sitting on the toilet (no joke ~ please don't visualize this too clearly) and my cell phone beeps to let me know I have a text msg.

Why I got a text message and not a phone call is one of those mysteries of the cell phone world. I pick up my phone, yes, I had it in the bathroom with me!

Its my husband: 'Leaving work to pick up Cricket.'

What?! It must be something bad. He's Scottish, they're tough folk, and he expects our children to be sturdy as well.
If he's leaving work, it must be really, really bad. She might have broken an arm, She Probably Fell Off The Monkey Bars, SHE MUST HAVE BROKEN HER NECK!

Now, I'm running through the house with my pants around my ankles grabbing my car keys with one hand, yanking up my trousers with my other, trip over the cat and land face first on the floor.

That's when my husband walked in with my daughter. There I am, sprawled across the entryway floor with my pants still down, purse over my shoulder and a swelling lip.

Evidently he was already on his way to the school when he sent that text.

Yeah, that's how this week has started.

Classes ~ none, Fun Sewing projects with the kids ~ zippo, Quilty Goodness ~ in very short supply!

Fortunately my children can make anything fun for themselves. So while it has been a difficult week for me, they seem to be enjoying themselves.

I promise, it will be back to the quilty goodness SOON!


PS - My daughter is fine!


Quiltin' Jenny said...

Oh you poor bunny! I have sooo BTDT. My phone pulled the same stunt on 9/11 when my kids' school closed.

Glad she is okay and hope your week gets better.

Gina said...

Spring break???? - Maybe you can have yours summer time!

I hope you daughter, yourself and the cat are all better now.
I had a good laugh though...:)lol

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Dionne somehow that experience seems a metaphor for life! If it can go wrong it will go wrong. So humbling. But extremely funny! Glad she is ok. You too!

wonderwoman said...

i hope you are all okay now and have a very happy easter. the mind bloggles with visions of trousers round ankles.!


Momoo said...

Glad your daughter is OK. Hope you all get to enjoy the rest of spring break and maybe find some sewing time :)

Sara said...

Glad your daughter is okay. I can understand your panic on that one! Our cells don't always work either and we don't have a home phone...
I love the picture of the muddy bums...and only 4 more days!!! (not counting today!)

whoopdedoo_5 said...

what a day for you! wow! crazy!!!

holly said...

You poor thing. I bet you aged a little bit with that. Glad she is okay.

YankeeQuilter said...

Yikes! So glad you DD is ok...guess you are going to do something about those phones now aye?!

Sharon said...

OMG, you poor thing! I'm glad to hear all is OK now, but I'm sorry your week didn't live up to expectations. Only a few more days now, and then you can sew!

p.s. love the muddy bums! heehee!

Micki said...

Glad your daughter is ok...Have a blessed Easter this weekend!

StitchinByTheLake said...

My phone works the same way...when we were on a mission trip in Mexico I got text messages but not phone calls. Thank goodness your daughter is scary. blessings, marlene