Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not just a giveaway!

There is a really fun give away being hosted on the website turning*turning

The exact link to get to the giveaway is:

I love the idea of this giveaway because it really makes you think about color from a different perspective.

Here is what I wrote:

"I absolutely love green. It makes me feel nostalgic, calm, hopeful and peaceful all at the same time. Green is the feel of the summer sun on my cheeks,
the cool of a soft breeze through the trees, the smell of freshly cut grass, the tingle of evergreen tines on a winter afternoon, the bounce of moss under your
shoes, Green is the love reflected in my husbands eyes. I love green, it’s a warm safe color that reminds me of all things good and natural.


PS - what a nice giveaway."

What is your favorite color and why? If you have one, and even if you don't, take a look at this blog. I really encourage you not just to enter the giveaway but really check out the entire blog.

There is one entry that is an especially touching tribute to the author's grandmother. I don't have a close relationship to either of my grandmothers or even with my mom; but this post is so very, very touching.



YankeeQuilter said...

I always have problem with that question...I love green, but blue is soo nice and red makes me happy,oh and how can I leave out pink but orange rocks too....see what I mean!

Dr. Quiltmom said...

Thanks for the link. Blue is my vote.

Nanci said...

Here's my problem with some giveaways. So many rules, and links and postings that I have a hard time just following them all.
I love yellow, also pink. but how to say what they make me feel except happy, well, I'd never win this one.
but I did look at it. I might try to figure it all out.

Jan said...

I have lots of favourite colours green is one because it is so restful ,and my partner is Irish ,so we like to go there and see the '40 shades of green' Jan xx

Micki said...

That's a neat giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link.

Lori Holt said...

Hi Dionne-
I just had to tell you that I love your description of green. It's perfect and lovely and beautifully written.