Thursday, April 30, 2009

April UFO Report

Another month has come and gone!

    My tally Overall

    -Quilt tops ready to quilt: 2
    -Quilts ALMOST ready: 3
    -Quilts in progress: 12
    -Quilts Not Yet Started: 7 (I really still want to do all of them!)
    -non quilt projects: 4 (Just a few little somethings!)

    My April Numbers

    -Quilt projects added: 1
    -Quilt projects finished: 3

    My Stats

    -Beginning Projects: 24
    -Current Projects: 24
    -Projects Finished overall: 8
    -Projects Added overall: 8
    -Progress Made? Definitely!

Okay, now that we've done the numbers, lets take a look at the Whys and the Whats

Why am I busting my bum (well, at least taking notice anyway) over all these unfinished projects? Because I still want to get them all done. And because I promised myself, as soon as I work through my backlog, I will allow myself to quilt with abandon!

Oh, tra la la la la! Doesn't that sound like a happy-go-lucky dream full of singing birds and sunshine flowers! I am absolutely positive that when I get through my entire 'backlog' list of projects, my list will NEVER fill up again! I mean, really, why would it??

Now lets get down to the Whats!

What am I busting my bum over? Well here it is, in all it's glory!

  • Nothing Done this Month

    • Quillow Project, so old I barely recognize the fabric

    • Flannel Crazy Quilt, it's CRAZY MAN!

    • ALMOST DONE Christmas wall hanging ~ it was almost done 10 years ago!

    • Really Big Kaleidescope Quilt ~ Does buying a ruler count as progress? Maybe it should be in a different list! (I'll take progress where I can get it) Also, the blocks above are not sewn together yet, I just put them next to each other for the picture!

    • Road to California (pictured) ~ perhaps the theme song for this quilt should be the Talking Heads: "I'm on the Road to Nowhere!" But I do like these scrap blocks done in greens and orange!

    • '07-'08 Thangles BOM - I made a small error in math on this one and haven't recovered yet!

    • Cinder's Best Day ~ poor cinder, I started this quilt when he was still alive. My fluffy little Cinder deserves his best day!

    • Garden Path Mosaic Pictorial - Aaaaahhhh, can we say ugly! But my little 2 year old fell in love with it and carried the top around for ever until it started to fall apart and I promised to turn the top into a finished piece ~ she turned 10 this year!

    • Ok, seven more that I didn't work on at all, but really why list them all. It's kind of like taking off a bandage really slowly. And do you really want to hear about all those projects anyway? Nah, me either! Let's get onto the fun stuff, the stuff I DID work on!

  • Something Done this Month

    • Botanical Shop Hop Quilt ~ Top done! Off to the long-arm!

    • Old Tobacco Road ~ I did 6 of the 388 2 inch Half Square Triangles I need (progress is progress right?)

    • Marissa Pinwheels ~ this is one of those layout nightmares! It looked so easy when Roxanne Carter just whipped it out! I did two more pinwheels.

    • 08'-'09 Thangles BOM - I'm doing two colorways, so I did two more blocks. Right on time Woo Hoo~!

    • Friendship Star - Yet another monthly swap for me! I did one block and dutifully sent it away! Such a good girl!

    • Disappearing 9-Patch - DONE, DONE, DONE! This started out as (another) swap and now its DONE (did you catch that???)

    • Lap Quilt Swap IV ~ Finished the top, just have the back to finish. Another BRILLIANT swap that is turning out BEAUTIFUL! Really like this one....

    • Gabriella's Baby Quilt - Done, and mailed off!

    • Postage Stamp Quilt - I cut a few more itsy bitsy teeny tiny squares. So few, I didn't even bother counting them!

    • Cam's Calendar Quilt ~ We finished a few more bricks here. Such a fun project to work on with my little guy!

    • Star Gazing ~ This beauty is for my daughter who picked out MODA's Sweet fabric. I'm going to do this Quilt-As-You-Go and so I did a few more blocks and cut out 100 8" batting squares!

    • Mini-Cupcake Quilt - This was an inpromtu mini little mini that was a fun intro to applique. Gonna have to do more applique!


YankeeQuilter said...

I do admire your organization...I'm just trying to stay on track to finish something for the quilt show in October! I had to make myself put away the tobacco road for way was that going to be finished in time!

belinda said...

Oh are sooo good!!! Maybe it would help me if I sat and wrote it all out like you...maybe..???

wonderwoman said...

wow that all looks pretty impressive to me - i'm too scared to list what i've started and not finished!!!


Mal* said...

Way to do it, lady! I'm very impressed!