Friday, November 5, 2010

This is not what I planned

I had this idea in my head for a beautiful quilt. It was really lovely. This quilt would evoke all the crispness of a late winter afternoon. But something just isn't right.

Granted I'm not even half way done with it, there is still WAY more to do on this bad boy ( I say bad because it just isn't turning out like I had planned) but already I'm a little disappointed.

The problem is, I can't figure out where the actual problem is. In my mind and on my pattern, such as it is, everything is a duplicate. It just doesn't LOOK right, or maybe I should say it doesn't FEEL right.

I know, I know, what can you say. You don't know what I was thinking of when I started this project, what look I was going for or even where I'm going with it now. But I just thought I would go ahead and share my disappointment for the day with you.

Should I continue or just cut my losses? I guess since it's not a disaster I'll continue and still finish this off. Think it will improve?

I guess since there is no way of correcting a problem that can't be found I can't make corrections to it.

Maybe I should have made the 2" strips more wonky. NOT all exactly two inches, angled more in the blocks.... Mmmmmm....




Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

First of let me start by saying I think it is going to be a very lovely quilt. The colors are gorgeous. I love the pattern idea.

One thing I was taught is putting a picture of it up and stepping back and looking at it can often give us a real time view of how it looks.

This is my own personal opinion on it, When I look at it the pattern is perfect.

I do notice that when you look at it, the color flow looks even and distributed until it hits the last row. The color flows from lighter to darker right, is that the effect your going for? It looks like it only the bottom seems too dark. The piece fades perfectly them "bam" its super dark maybe that is why you get that not quite right look feeling.

It looks like there needs to be a row or two more of fading of the dark and medium colors then that very dark piece.

Just something that stood out to me.

I think you should keep working with it. The blue fabrics are AWESOME and your pattern is great!!!

Keep it up, be sure to update us with its progress, it is beautiful.

Ann Flowers

Jenni said...

Honest opinion...I love the colors in the blocks, looks like water and looks great. What actually bugs me about it is the outer fabric. It looks fine towards the top, but not on the bottom, too dark maybe. Can you try a white or light blue around it? Just preview it by laying it next to the blocks, take a pick and see if that makes a difference.

Definately don't trash it, I think there is a great quilt there:)

Julie in the Barn said...

I can sure commiserate with you. I would bet we have all had a quilt pictured in our mind that just doesn't look like we imagined when the real thing is on the design wall. Don't give up on it just yet.

The colors are flowing and with an underwater quality. I get a feeling of liquid rather than crispness. I agree with the other commenters that the dark bottom border doesn't work. How about auditioning some other shades of blue or even white or grey?

wonderwoman said...

after all your hard work i wouldn't trash it - when its completed i'm sure it will look great.


Miri said...

I also immediately thought of water. I think part of the problem may be an optical illusion-it looks like its widening out at the top but that will disappear once its finished and the dark edge is all around.

Whenever I try something out of the box for me-I always think "well, I can always use it for a back!" It keeps me going and in the end, of course, I am pleased.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I agree with everyone. It is lovely. I do get the feeling of water. I think white would add a nice touch but I would remove the bottom also and then keep working. It is so pretty and i love the fabrics and i think you will like it too when it is done. Or put it away for a few months and come back to it with a fresh new look. keep us posted.

Vivian said...

I agree with the others. I think you should take off the outer polka dot border (and I love polka dots) and add something softer with less pattern. Then I think you will really love this fabulous quilt.