Monday, November 15, 2010

Double Cross Christmas

A few weeks ago I posted the first month of the AccuQuilt block of the month program. I had forgotton to add an alternative layout option.
This is one option if you don't want to make the sampler quilt, but want to use the first block - the Double Cross Block, in a single quilt.

Here is the original block:

Here is a quilt using the Double Cross Block, with solid cornerstones and an alternative faux irish chain block:

I changed the colorway to red, green and gold for christmas. I'm not finished with this quilt, and I expect with my other projects it won't be done in time for christmas. At least cutting it out was a breeze!




Miri said...

I love the block alone and the new setting...don't worry-it'll be done for next Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that pattern. What dies would I use on my Go cutter?

Dionne said...

Hi Anonymous, I can't email you back so here is the info you asked for. Using the GO! cutting system, for the blocks that make up the star you need die# 55009 - for 3" finished triangles and 55001 for 6 1/2" triangles.
For the "chain" blocks a 3 1/2" strip die is helpful (#55032). If you have any more questions email me or login and ask so I can email you back.